Behaviours and obsessions - carers - what are you dealing with?


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Aug 23, 2019
Not really, the time when I woke up and found her sitting on the bedtime table with a calving knife in her hand was worse, somehow she'd remembered the alarm number to switch it off, got a big knife and was there to "protect me" that was scary. K


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Aug 23, 2019
The first list was so much like my other half. There were also several things in the replies that match him as well. It was so useful I have copied it into a word file so when His next assesment comes up I will give them a printed list. They always ask for examples and I turn into a rabbit in headlights. Part of me doesnt want him to hear the truth cos it will upset him. He thinks he is so kind and does everything for me. Part of me doesn't want to admit how bad he is and I can only think of the odd example , so while we are on the thread and he can't hear me I will add a couple more
Diet change will only eat curry, burger and chips or sausage and chips and cake chocolate more cake sweets crisps and more cake was putting winw in a tea cup so I wouldn't know.
Won't wear hearing aids people try to contact him and he doesn't want to speak to them.
Keeps his phone and keys under his pillow or in the shower or in his pocket.
Tells me every time he goes to the loo but will hide in the utility room to eat cake
Constantly wants to go out to cafes to eat then comes home and wants food
Goes to bed at 5pm if I let him then gets up every 2 hours wanting his breakfast
I say it's night time its dark outside he replies only in places.
Sits all day with tracksuit under his jeans a polo shirt 3 fleeces and his outside coat on including a woolen hat and his hood tied tightly under his chin.
Removes the hood and hat to go to bed sometimes he takes the jacket off
Germophobia he has to wear latex gardening gloves before he can touch anything except food.
In cafes once he has eaten he wants to go, asks; is it time, are we done, are we walking, ad-infinitum.
Random interjection to conversations eg Discussing the menu He will jump and say he can do one leg balances or worse knickle press ups and he has to demonstrate he gets angry if you try to stop him.
Won't believe you and will argue or do the opposite eg the shop is closed he will push you out of the way to go to it. If you touch him he will shout and say you are beating him
Hello, glad it has been of use. Wow our two PWDs sound very similar.

Mine has started eating for England. Saturday I did him a nice big lunch and half an hour later he asked me what is for lunch. I had assumed the problem with dementia would be forgetting to eat and getting too thin, and that even if you forgot you had eaten, your tummy would be full but it seems the brain is tricked in to feeling empty in our people. It has got to the point where I was thinking does he need to see a doctor cause he won’t stop eating.

The one about going to bed mega early and then waking in the wee small hours wanting breakfast is exactly the same for us. Saturday night my PWD went to bed about 7 pm, then woke me up every half hour or so from 1.30 am to tell me it was dark, or ask what to do, or say he was hungry (he wants me to get up to make him something as he cannot work the kettle, toaster etc).

Yes we too are doing multiple layers of clothing and an obsession with the coat.

Also the random conversation changes, wanting to get home as soon as we leave the house, and moaning until he gets home.

So for what it is worth you and anyone else dealing with these symptoms, you are not alone. Sending best wishes.‚̧ԳŹ

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