Renting- do we disclose my mother’s diagnosis?


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Apr 15, 2024
Hi all,

My mum was diagnosed in December. I’m desperately trying to move her and my autistic dad closer to me. They currently rent privately. I’m looking for advice on whether we should disclose my mother’s diagnosis when they move into a new rental property. I have Power Of Attorney and will need to be the main contact, and I would be happier if the letting agency knew. However rental properties come up rarely in my area and get snapped up quickly. I feel that they would always be overlooked if I disclosed before they were accepted and the landlord would select a “simpler” tenant. When in fact I would be taking care of all finances etc.
Has anyone else had experience with this?
Thanks in advance :)


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Apr 13, 2022
Hi @AliceP

I have no experience with this kind of situation so this is just me thinking out loud.

My first thought is that dementia is degenerative and will worsen over time. How soon that happens will vary but you need to consider the possible impact on mums ability to live independantly in her own home and the fact that a move to an unfamiliar location and property may negatively impact the speed at which the dementia progresses. Twelve months from now could be a completely different situation meaning the level of care your mum needs may be significantly greater than what it is today.

Also, there's the impact it may have on your dad. Does he have any family and friends where he is now? What would be the impact be if he were to move away?

As for advising the letting agency, I would imagine there's a number of things that need considering. Who's name will be on the tenancy agreement? As the dementia progresses will mum be ok with strangers coming into the property to do house checks, gas safety checks? Will a landlord be ok with any alterations that may be needed?

It's a tough one.

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