Positive test


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Mar 2, 2017
I took a phone call from my wife's care home this morning. She has tested positive for Covid and is isolated in her bedroom. That's my usual Wednesday visit scrapped for this week. I was with her for over an hour on Sunday so testing myself seemed appropriate, although I have no symptoms. I have tested negative.

Although her care home will keep me updated, it is at times like this that being a remote carer is harder. It isn't that I could do anything more for her than the very caring staff (in fact I could not do as much) or that I am unused to our separation ...

My Mum's Daughter

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Feb 8, 2020
Mum tested positive 3 days after my visit and I caught it 3 days after her (thanks Mum).

Hope your wife recovers quickly.


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Feb 18, 2017
Same here, mum tested positive yesterday. I had some new furniture for her so we delivered that today but didn’t go in as we have other vulnerable family members as well as mum. Also , last time I had Covid, I was ill for ages so I still don’t think it is worth the risk. @northumbrian_k I hope you don’t get it.
The manager told me that they would not force residents to remain in their rooms but it’s a small unit with in the home so it is contained. Mum doesn’t wander anymore now anyway so they will keep a good eye on her and the GP was being given a full update when we arrived this morning.