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Apr 19, 2024
Hi everyone. Im Kate and im looking for support and advice to best help my mum who has Alzheimers. My mum lives at home with my dad. I dont have a relationship with my dad so we have arrangements in place where i see my mum on set days and he goes out. The problem is, my mum is not bathing or bathing very few and far between and because my dad has a very arrogant persona, my mum will always refuse to bathe and he will not be bothered in the slightest. This is causing me so much anxiety. She is visibly unclean. Yesterday i cut her nails and the dirt under them was shocking, like she had been digging in the dirt. I know her basic hygiene needs are not being met and my dad’s attitude towards my mum is very blunt, if she refuses anything he won’t care and just leave her. I need to know how I can get my mum support.


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Aug 24, 2013
If nothing else other than hello and welcome from me.
You wouldn't want to see what's under my fingernails right now, just been making fence panels for Monday's job.
Only way I found to bathe my wife was we did it together, both naked in the shower makes it more of an equal thing when you're both naked some how.
I won't express an opinion about dad, site rules probably forbid it, however, old school does still exist, call it pride, alpha male or whatever it would be better, if possible that you reached a mutually acceptable arrangement before the authorities are asked for help or step in. K