My client doesn't stop blowing her nose


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Oct 28, 2019
Hello @blackberries and welcome to the Dementia Support Forum. I am assuming that your client has dementia so that she would probably forget that she had already used the tissue to blow her nose before cleaning her tongue. Although it might be difficult it might be an idea to remove the tissues from her after she blows her nose, although I do understand that you cannot be with her at all times.
If she is constantly blowing her nose it might be useful to get her doctor to check her out for any infections or possible allergies.


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Jan 10, 2023
My OH has forgotten how t blow her nose, so she'll just sneeze, or let the mucus run down by gravity, or use a blanket to wipe her face. (She's bedbound.) We're past worrying about looks, appearances or dignity in anything in our house! (or least some of us are!)

Why does your "client" need to clean her tongue @blackberries ?