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Feb 24, 2024
Ashford, kent
My mum was diagnosed last November - much too late given symptoms - and yesterday we attended NHS memory clinic for 1st of 4 "living with dementia" group sessions. This entailed the group splitting into those diagnosed (with pyschiatrist & support worker) and family member/carer (with fementia nurse), which mum was happy to do. Most of other participants seemed to be showing much earlier signs
Since yesterday afternoon after the group session her physical (falling asleep in day) & mental state has deteriorated (sundowning when awake in day and wandering around last night till 3am, scared but not open to affection, thinks shes now mental) so not sure what was said in their group as she doesnt want to talk about it
I am going to speak to dementia nurse if i can get them tomorrow or monday. I am now not sure if next 3 weeks may benefit her. Or if it is an initial reaction linked to dementia/blood pressure with her leaking heart valve
She hasnt said she diesmt want to go next week.
Has anyone in forum also experienced this ?


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Oct 28, 2019
Hello @DB I have not heard about these sessions so do not know what they entail however I am wondering if your mum found them too tiring both physically and mentally which led to the changes that you describe. If you think that the sessions are going to upset your mum further it might be an idea if she does not partake in any more but it would certainly be worthwhile to speak to the dementia nurse before making any decisions. If you are concerned at all about your mum's blood pressure please contact her doctor or call 111 for advice.

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