Dangerous microwave


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Thats awful @sheepfield
I now that capacity is a very slippery thing, but Im really not sure that your mum has the capacity to agree to a new microwave if she no longer understands how to use it. I can understand that she will need one if she is going to have carers come in to make meals for her, though. Would a child lock on the power socket prevent her using it?

BTW, which department of SS did you send the photos to? The department that you want is the safeguarding department and unfortunately the different departments often dont communicate very well with each other.


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Feb 4, 2024
Thank you for all replies. I've been sending my photos to the general inbox but I doubt that they pass things on. I also send some things to the sensory team but I can't remember what I've sent where without checking.
We now have a microwave as requested by social care but also socket covers to prevent use when alone.


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Aug 17, 2023
Dear Sheepfield

I would suggest you remove the microwave all together-at least you will have peace fo mind that she can no longer hurt herself and no risk of fire..

I think your story resonates with a lot of us in this Forum. Certainly with me. I have a very similar story in which we have had to switch the hob and oven off from the mains since my mother can no longer use the appliances safely. On a few occasions; she burned the sleeve of her jacket, burnt a flex from the toaster, left the oven on for hours with nothing in it and the last straw was switching the hob on and leaving a food processor on it by accident. It was sheet luck that the Carer came in on time and switched it off because the kitchen was filling with smoke! :-(

So much so that I am having to cook a batch of food every 10days which I store in the fridge and freezer for the Carers to heat up in the microwave. She has one one occasion managed to burn the inside of the microwave by turning it to the highest level and leaving something in there. She no longer uses the microwave since the Carers do that for her but this is the only appliance we are able to use to re-heat her food in.

It's tiring to do that but have run out of ideas to get nutritious food in her (she hates the soups, ready meals,) this is the only way.


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May 17, 2024
East of England
I popped round to see my mother in law today to try to ensure that she gets at least one hot meal a day.
Sadly whilst I was there she switched on the microwave with nothing in it and there was a bright flash. She seemed not to notice the flash!
I've now switched off the microwave at the wall behind it so she might not understand why it's no longer working if she tries to use it. But I don't think that she's been eating though she doesn't realise it. I'm hoping that she isn't able to switch the microwave back on and doesn't try the oven. I'll have to switch it off at the wall too and hope for the best. There was a strong smell of burning in the kitchen so I wonder how many times she's switched the microwave on empty today. I don't think that she's safe to cook by herself. Now I'm in the position of wondering how to stop her from cooking unsupervised.
Cut the plug and cord off!


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Jun 18, 2022
Mum now unable to do any meals. It’s a shock at first then it’s the new normal. I make sure there are microwave able meals in the house, but carers do them now.