Back-Dated Respite Fees


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Oct 25, 2023
I'm in Scotland and looking for some advice.
My Dad went into emergency respite back in November 2023 due to my mum being admitted to hospital.
He was later assessed and recommended for long term care on 12th December but I wasn't advised if the outcome of the meeting until 17th December.
We were given Financial Assessment forms to complete and had them back with the council on 3rd January 2024.
The actual assessment took some time to complete with to-ing and fro-ing of information but it was eventually completed on 8th April and funding was approved by the council.
In the meantime the respite fees (£138 per week) have been paid by my mum going back to the first admission in November.
We've now had a bill for back-dated top-up fees from the local authority/care home coming to almost £4k.
I didn't realise they would go back to November when he was first admitted. I had assumed it would be backdated to the date the financial decision was made. My mum is worried sick.
With regards to paying for my Dad's care the council are taking his state and private pension which is fine but they are taking all of his private pension; is my mum supposed to be entitled to half of this?
I don't want to argue the toss with the council if I'm in the wrong but what are others experiences of this?
Sorry if this is rambling and thanks in advance.


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Aug 24, 2013
Never think that anything you post on here goes unread. I appreciate rules north of the boarder are different too.
Just ramble and keep on rambling when you're ready, always here to listen. K


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Oct 12, 2023
I don't know about the situation in Scotland but in England it is all the state pension and half the private pension but its something you often have to push the LA to apply.
I am afraid all LA's can suddenly send bills for backdated payments but it is worth querying it.


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Apr 13, 2022
Definitely give Alz Scotland a call as they'll have good knowledge about these matters. I'd also give your LA finance department a call to get clarification of the charges and the time period they cover. I think in England if a temporary care home admission is arranged by the LA which then becomes permanent then the LA should only be charging from the date of the permanent decision, not sure if it's the same in Scotland?

With regard to the top-up fees being charged were those fees agreed to and a contract signed with the LA or care home? Again, I only have knowledge of how it works here in England but if they have not been agreed to then they can not be charged. Top-up fees are purely voluntary and if they have not been agreed to then they can not force you to pay them.