Are u.k. breaks possible?


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Nov 19, 2021
The daily routine seems to reduce disturbance for the 'patient'. What happens In a different 'away-break' location? Can they adapt? Are there problems?


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Feb 27, 2018
It very much depends on the individual and what stage they’re at.

In the early stages - before diagnosis, but when we were already aware that something was badly wrong - my Mum would agree to go away to a place she’d always loved staying. But when it came to leave the house, she pretty much had to be physically manhandled to get her into the car. She used every delaying tactic she could think of, and became very upset. It was leaving home which was the problem. Once she was at the holiday place, which she could still remember from many previous visits, she was happy and settled.

We’re a few years down the road now, and I’m pretty sure Dad would never risk going away with her. Even if she could be persuaded to go, she wanders at night and there’s a risk of her ending up in a dangerous situation somewhere unfamiliar.


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Aug 31, 2003
I used to take my husband on breaks away. In the early stages it was fine but as the dementia progressed things changed. At least once he went missing from the room during the night when I was asleep. He must have come out of the bathroom in the hotel room and turned to the room door instead of turning into the room. I met some very kind and understanding hotel staff who returned him to the room! I eventually bought a portable infrared door alarm which I took with me. If he crossed the beam the alarm went off!

Finally I took a carer on holiday with me and we went to self catering properties. This meant I had assistance for his showering and personal care and whilst out and about. Eventually it became unmanageable and we had to stop.

I must say that it wasn’t easy and at times I wondered who I was doing this for. I think it was really for me as I felt it was a bit of ‘normality’ in our lives. To be honest I think Bill would probably have been just as happy at home.