Husband in care home has dementia. The care home want him OUT as he hits the staff how on earth do i deal with it.


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Apr 20, 2024
He is not agressive with people he knows but I cannot face having to look after him at home at my age 86. I have to self fund so dont expect something for nothing. He has to be looked after like a baby. no control over bladder etc. not room in house for live in carer. There must be lots of people like us. AnneM


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Oct 28, 2019
Hello @AnneVM and welcome to the Dementia Support Forum. I am so sorry that you are going through this as it must be so worrying for you and I certainly do not think that you would be able to care for him yourself.

If the home cannot cope with your husbands behaviour it does sound as if it is not the right place for him, and that he needs a specialist elderly mentally infirm (EMI) home. Although your husband is self funding it might be an idea to contact your local adult social services to ask about any EMI homes in your area.

You may also find the attached links useful in your search