You've probably all been asked this before, but...


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Mar 14, 2017
My Mum is in hospital at the moment - she is unable to stand or walk unassisted (can't bear her own weight, can't get out of an armchair on her own). The Occupational Therapist suggested they send her home with an increased care package. She lives on her own and gets two visits a day at the moment. The OT suggested putting it up to three ... but I'm not happy with this, as Mum could decide to stand up at any time, and just topple over. There's no point getting her to use her CareLine lanyard - she won't remember, or it won't occur to her.

So ... next step is probably residential care. I mentioned CHC funding to the OT, but she said Mum might qualify for Funded Nursing Care.

So... how does Funded Nursing Care work? Could Mum go into a residential home and receive that funding towards it, or would she need to go into a nursing home?

Many thanks in advance.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
FNC can only be paid to a nursing home.
It is paid direct to the home.
Whether the home factors it into their quote or shows it as a discount varies,