Your digital use during the pandemic


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Apr 29, 2014
Hi everyone,

Our Research and Influencing team at Alzheimer's Society would like to learn more about the relationship between people affected by dementia and digital use. Specifically, they would like to understand more about the possible changes in digital use since COVID-19 and lockdown.

From online shopping and virtual GP appointments to family video calls, our society is moving rapidly towards digital. The team's aim is to use the information you give to influence leaders in the sector to take action and make things better.

I've included two short surveys below. One is for those who use the internet frequently, and the other is for those who don't tend to use the internet.

Thank you :)



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Jan 21, 2021
East Sussex
Survey completed. I have done one for myself as a carer to my mum and I am always researching and using the internet to make life easier.

I have also completed for my mum who has never had an interest in the internet, and now would not be able to use it even if she wanted to due to her dementia.