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You couldn't make it up......


Registered User
Jan 11, 2015
Well after a few very exhausting days I thought we had finally cracked it. Woke up got the usual questions wants to go home assured him I would take him later. Then took him shopping had lunch out long walk brought him home again kids came home everything calm. Had dinner were watching movie gave him his meds at 2015 then he went toilet came back and that was it he was leaving all worked up frantic then ran out front door no jacket in his t shirt jeans and slippers. Quickly rang the older boys to come who managed to find him and with help from strangers coax him back. Got him into bed and now another day begins. (Forget puntuation this driving me crazy). All day on eggshells then the same outcome. By the way waiting for crisis team to ring me since Tuesday...........

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
This is how it is keegan, as if a light switch has been activated. It`s classic sundowning.

It doesn`t really help knowing what it is, especially when you have the responsibility for children living at home and I wish I had a suggestion to help you manage it. I can only identify it as one of the most challenging behaviours I have lived with.

I can`t even suggest medication because in our case nothing worked. I just had to ride it and did what you are doing. I enlisted the help of our son. When my husband didn`t know me, he always knew our son.

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