1. CardiffGirlInEssex

    CardiffGirlInEssex Registered User

    Oct 6, 2018
    Been visiting my mum (PWD) and took her to the audiology clinic, which was very busy. She has told me in the past about how, when I was very small and we went into town on the old Routemaster bus, we’d have to sit at the front because otherwise I’d be commenting loudly on what I thought about the ladies’ hats (this was in the 1960s when most older ladies wore hats). Well, now I know where I got that from, she was holding forth with her opinions on every outfit that crossed her line of sight!! Fortunately not in a loud voice and we were at the hearing aid clinic!!

    Then last night, as she was enumerating all the bits of her that don’t work as well as they used to, she said, “I expect you’re finding the same now you’re in your 70s.”. No mum, I said, I’m only 56....
  2. Grannie G

    Grannie G Volunteer Moderator

    Apr 3, 2006
    It`s nice you can share reminiscences. :)
  3. Dimpsy

    Dimpsy Registered User

    Sep 2, 2019
    My mum, always the model of politeness, now points out anyone who is on the 'large side', both on TV and - much worse - in person. It's as if the dementia has wiped away all her inhibitions, she would never have commented so freely in the BD days.
  4. CardiffGirlInEssex

    CardiffGirlInEssex Registered User

    Oct 6, 2018
    Yes, that's it exactly.
  5. annielou

    annielou Registered User

    Sep 27, 2019
    Its good you can see the funny side as its so hard to sometimes. I often can't at the time but sometimes do afterwards.
    Mum has asked me a couple of time how come I don't have a bus pass like her? Last time I found it funny and said "I know I look rough mum but I'm only 47 I'm not a pensioner yet". To which she replied "Oh I thought you were older than me" :eek::(
  6. Lynmax

    Lynmax Registered User

    Nov 1, 2016
    My mum said to a stranger in the queue next to her that I could not possibly be her daughter as I was far to old and wrinkly!

    She certainly has lost the politeness filter and makes comments about every overweight person she sees - I do wonder what she says about me as I am certainly on the large ( more like obese) size! Luckily she only says these things when we are in the car - for now!

    Her most embarrassing habit is joining in other people's conversations at neighbouring table when we are out having lunch.
  7. Rosserk

    Rosserk Registered User

    Jul 9, 2019

    My mum does exactly the same! People don’t even have to be that large and she’s commenting on how fat they are! She will say look at the size of her (word beginning with A) ! I want to crawl away and hide! She also has no perception of her own size, she will say I’ve lost loads of weight haven’t I? She’s a size 16 and hasn’t lost an inch but she thinks she’s a size ten! I think she sees herself 50 years ago when she looks in the mirror which is sad but I can’t help but smile!
  8. CardiffGirlInEssex

    CardiffGirlInEssex Registered User

    Oct 6, 2018
    It's obviously a lot more common than I realised. Good to know it's not only me! I think it's a bit like reverting to early life, as small children will just say what they are thinking.
  9. Helly68

    Helly68 Registered User

    Mar 12, 2018
    When I turned up at Mummy's CH the other day, she announced in her carrying drama-school voice "You are FAT". Lovely. How are you Mummy?
    And then, the other day, she said to me "You are very determined. I don't know where you get that from" - everyone in the Unit then fell about laughing - because they know her - Mummy included!
  10. Jale

    Jale Registered User

    Jul 9, 2018
    This is why Talking Point is a life saver for me. As a kid I remember being asked by our next door neighbour if I liked a painting she had bought. Mum had always drummed into us that we should always tell the truth, well I did and suffice to say I got slapped legs off mum for saying that no I didn't like the picture.:(

    Fast forward to present time, and Mum who is now in a nursing home "always" tells the truth - well as she sees it anyway. People have fat bellies/backsides (she doesn't say backside, but I'm sure you can probably work out the word;)), peoples clothes don't suit them, children are ugly/misbehaved etc etc. Unfortunately she is not quiet about it and I seem to spend a lot of time wishing the floor would open up and swallow me or her up. Fortunately most people in the home are in a similar situation and there are a lot of OMG moments between us. If you didn't laugh you would cry, but it is helpful to know that there others who are going through the same even if we don't think of that at the time
  11. Donkeyshere

    Donkeyshere Registered User

    May 25, 2016
    channel islands
    My step daughter bought her new partner round the other day and she asked the MIL what she thought of him - shes never been tactful but is worse now and said "he's a bit of gump isn't he!" Needless to say she did not stay to discuss it any further!
  12. DesperateofDevon

    DesperateofDevon Registered User

    Jul 7, 2019
    My Mum has lost the filter years ago, I think she thinks she’s in her 20’s as she always wants to try on my daughters clothes, or my converse trainers!!
    As for political correctness.... just let the floor open up & swallow me!
  13. Starting on a journey

    Starting on a journey Registered User

    Jul 9, 2019
    What filter? We were waiting for the lift in our local shopping centre with three very large ladies (using that term wisely), mum says " I don't want to go in the lift with those heifers". Oh dear, I immediately found a notice for an evac chair and showed her it and how it worked. When the ladies had gone I told mum not to say such things as it wasn't nice. Needless to say I wasted my breath. I hope they didn't hear but I think they must have.
  14. DesperateofDevon

    DesperateofDevon Registered User

    Jul 7, 2019
    I know I shouldn’t but I’m laughing!
    Sorry xx
  15. Pete1

    Pete1 Registered User

    Jul 16, 2019
    My Dad came out with several classics whilst in residential care. One occasion the carers came running to see me to share the anecdote. They had an entertainer in playing the keyboard and singing (my Dad always enjoyed Jazz etc) this chap started with White Cliffs of Dover, which at the end received a polite round of applause, apart from Dad who shouted out 'What a load of ******* old B*******' . the carer said ironically they were all thinking it but Dad actually said it!
  16. northumbrian_k

    northumbrian_k Registered User

    Mar 2, 2017
    I'm laughing too because one has to. When I was a little boy my Dad was mortified when I commented loudly about a passing man who was rather short in stature. I know that feeling well as my wife now offers her unflattering opinions of everyone to anyone who cares to listen or is within hearing range. Her former day support worker was called 'fat' every time that she came to the house. In her care home she can be quite rude about the staff and fellow residents in one breath then charming to them in another. When we are out somewhere I have found that most people are remarkably tolerant even when she says the most outrageous things about them. It is just part of the disease and one of the easier things to get used to.
  17. DesperateofDevon

    DesperateofDevon Registered User

    Jul 7, 2019
    Dad played a blinder the other day in the care home, for a man who rarely speaks now clear as a bell”she’s got some colour on her” “holiday?”

    Ah no Dad she’s from Gambia.

    pleased to say the lovely carer laughed out loud & joked about it, meanwhile ground just swallow me up!!please!!

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