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Yesterday's meeting With DSCAG (Adult social care group)


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Feb 19, 2009
Torquay Devon

Good morning all, well, where do I start apart from an apology for the long (ish) feedback.

All through my life I have always regarded myself as someone who likes to achieve, follow-through, and then see a positive outcome, and I am no different now, dementia or not. I have chaired and sat in so many meetings and after every one of them, I have always thought about it overnight and thought "What did we achieve today?

I woke this morning, and, after thinking long and hard about yesterday's meeting I came to the conclusion "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

My worst fears came true, it was slide after slide of data and three presentations with some goals set, but nobody asked
"So, what are we going to do about it??

Well apart from when I explained that two of their ideas were like reinventing the wheel and another was just using new tech for techs sake, you can imagine how that went down!! I imagine by the reaction it fell on deaf ears. I myself, was headed as an Expert By Experience, which I think is patronising as I am certainly no EXPERT in the sense of the word and as I was the only one there with a diagnosis of dementia? I am convinced it was a tick boxing exercise by the organisers .

The saddest thing was out of the 40 or so who attended I would bet any money that only a handful and by that I mean five, had ever actually worked in care, on the floor in care homes as a carer !! and even worse,? they have 150 Million YES 150 Million £s to spare to improve care in Adult and social care ERRR PHEW!! If i could use just a tiny bit of that for MP3s we would be laughing LOL
The next meeting is in three months' time (Every Quater) but so disappointingly no mention of "What we want to achieve before next meeting was mentioned, no goals set and no deadlines to action?? So in all honesty "What's the point? Will, I attend the next meeting ?? The jury's out on that one but as always will let you know


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Aug 11, 2021
Disappointing and depressing to read this. I could think of many ways that money could be used to make a difference as I’m sure could most of us. You must have been so frustrated. Clearly the person chairing doesn’t have a clue about setting smart targets at a meeting. As you say, another box ticked.


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Aug 9, 2021
- not just targets, but things that might actually help. Like better training for the care assessors, I think it’s more about trying to save money than really assessing the care needed, they seem very good at not recognising ‘hosting’ behaviour. If it wasn’t for my daughter constantly taking meals to her next door neighbour, nagging her to eat, and sitting with her while she does I think she’d starve to death - they came and did an assessment but both the assessor and her children were convinced by her ‘hosting’ answers, so still no help…..