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Yesterday I could have wept!


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Nov 17, 2011
My stress levels were through the roof yesterday.

My mum had an appointment with ENT @ the local hospital. Got her to go to the toilet before we left - coat & shoes on - wheelchair out of cupboard and off we went. Got her downstairs to find she had not only wet herself but the 'other thing' too. Back upstairs - cleaned up, change of clothes (left mess in bath to clear up when I got back -off to hospital. Arrived 20 mins late but they were very good and although we had to wait we were seen.

Took 40 minutes to get out of the car park and pay £3 for the privilege, back home, cup of tea and some soup - too late for me to be cooking. Sorted out the mess (coat will need to go to the cleaners but that was 'just a bit wet')

My back sore (just had some facet joint injections for pain), also my neck which I will be having hospital treatment for at the end of the month and stressed out completely. Got take away chinese - not that keen but it was the best I could manage (mum would not eat this) and went home.

The whole of the above ended up taking 5 hours from the time I left home til my return at 7pm.

I so hope today is better :(:(

ps: Oh and the inviible sent a large arrangement of flowers for Mums birthday on Sunday - no card or telephone call grrrrrrrrrr !!


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Nov 8, 2012
What an awful day you had yesterday. No wonder you were stressed.

Think I would have taken those flowers and dumped them in the bin! So easy for the invisibles isn't it. Press a button on the computer, send flowers, job done. Sit back and get on with life, no worries.

Then there's you, dealing with s***, car parks and a wheel chair with a bad back. :mad:
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I agree.
Hopefully today will be more peaceful...

at wits end

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Nov 9, 2012
East Anglia
I think I would write a note to the invisibles to say thank you for the flowers, and add that at the time of receipt you were doing hospital appointments and cleaning up '*/*/'.

You have my sympathies, and feel free to cry, i find it usually helps me to 'let it all out'!


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Oct 30, 2009
What a totally ****** day - in all senses of the word. Hope today is better. As above, I'd be tempted to let the invisible know exactly what you were doing at the time of receipt.

Huge (((hugs))) to you. X


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Aug 29, 2008
I can well understand the stress. It is a shame the invisible does not stay completely invisible instead of giving herself/himself a pat on the back for having done " their duty" !!!!


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Oct 24, 2012
Dear Swmbo

So sorry that you had such an awful day. You really are a great daughter and are doing the very best for your Mum. As for the invisible daughter - well... :mad: !!!!

Love and ((Big Hugs)) to you.



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Feb 4, 2011
Hope you have a better day SWMBO (unlikely to be worse....!) Invisibles simply don't have a clue. When they do, do something it's uncanny how it is often so ill-judged and mistimed. Hope your Mum enjoyed her flowers - it would have been so nice if they had included something that you could have treated both of you too. (Probably stressed out & having a lie down, poor thing. :))

Rageddy Anne

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Feb 21, 2013
What a horrible beastly awful abominable day...feel free to lie on the floor and drum your heels! And the flowers with not so much as a message, well, that just takes the biscuit! I'd have felt like enclosing a bagful of what you'd been cleaning up in with the thankyou note to the invisible sister, just so as to share the pleasure!:eek:


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Nov 17, 2011
Thank you all...................

........today is indeed better (thank goodness). Mum is her usual self with no recollection of yesterday! ;)

Was rushing around as per usual and popped into the garden centre to get the last lot of pansies (before going to T****, M& *, B**ts and two banks to pay in). Met some friends (husband and wife) who said join them for a cuppa, but initially I said no as I had the above to do. I then thought STOP IT and joined them for a chat, sandwich and pot of tea.

Had a facial booked for tonight which I nearly canclled but went and feel much calmer now.

Yes I know we all need a little TLC. :D

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