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Yesterday and today - what a difference a day make!


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Sep 14, 2014
When mum died we received so many cards that I was really touched. I decided to send a little thank you card to all those who had taken the time to send a sympathy card to us, to those that had come to mum's funeral and tto hose who had donated in lieu of flowers. We were so grateful that it seemed the right thing to do.

Mum passed away nearly two months ago and I had not been in touch with some people for a few weeks so last night I decided to catch up on e-mails. First on my list was a retired work colleague. It must have been how I was feeling at the time and what I was typing but the tears just came. I can talk about mum passing away quite easily now but sometimes when it gets personal ie certain aspects of the last few days of her life, I feel the tears come. Sometimes it catches me unawares. I do not find it unpleasant. I try to go with the flow. There is nothing wrong with feeling like this and it is part of the bereavement process.

Today I feel good. I have had a reasonable though busy day at work. I am tired but I feel satisfied that I have done the best I can. I feel positive and content. It is a long time since I have felt this way so it is time to embrace it and smile. It is just a question of how you look at it. If I see something that I know would have interest or amused mum, I smile and say this is for you mum. My mum will always be there watching over me, guiding me and keeping me safe. I thank her for that.


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Oct 19, 2009
Sounds like you are doing well, Twinklestar. If you didn't occasionally have tearful times, I would think maybe you weren't doing so well! Grieving is a process, not an event. It takes its own time. xx