Wretched Fireworks!


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Aug 20, 2006
Here we go again. We have neighbours on both sides of us, about four of five doors down each way, whose main hobby appears to be letting off fireworks every night. It all seems to start in about the third week of October, and go on for about a month. It's either one side or the other, bang bang bang. Every evening we go through the performance of reassuring dad that we are not being bombed.

They'll do it, then break, then off we go about half an hour later. The more bangs the better it seems.

I really am getting heartily sick of it.

I've looked on the police/local authority site, and it doesn;t look like they could do much. They aren't breaking the 11pm curfew, and the police/authority cannot take into account the special needs of ill people. Which strikes me as crazy but there you go.

I could quite merrily strangle the people letting the damn things off.


I wish the wretched things were banned, except for professional displays.

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Is it possible for you to go over & explain the situation fully regarding your dad's reaction and ask them if they could just let you know before they set fireworks off? You could say you would try to reassure your dad before the fireworks start. Maybe they simply don't understand and this would shame them into cutting down, if not out completely.

People can be very agreeable if they are approached the right way. Think of it as trying to deal with an AD patient & go accordingly.:D :D.

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Mar 14, 2006
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I'm intrigued, Nebiroth. Have they literally got money to burn?

Does your council not have policies regarding 'anti-social' behaviour (which to me this is for anyone let alone a neighbour with dementia?!) even if the Police don't?

Failing that - how about suggesting they get together and let them all off at the same time - and provide dad and anyone else who might appreciate it with a decent 'display' not an on going noise nuisance?

With you all the way - Guy Fawkes was the nuisance and we are supposed to celebrate getting rid of him and his gunpowder - not creating more mayhem! :confused: :(

Love, Karen, x


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Sep 5, 2007
East Sussex
I'm not sure if it would help, but for pets that are bothered by fireworks they recommend you close the curtains and put on some music with strong regular beats. Try not to react to the fireworks yourself and use various techniques to distract attention from the noise. I do hope you aren't offended by this. I'm not very good with people, but I've been working with animals all my life. :)


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Is it possible that your neighbours are celebrating Diwali? I know my sister was puzzled when she lived in Tooting that her Indian neighbours were so enthusiastic about Guy Fawkes. She then realised that they were in fact celebrating Diwali, which goes on for several days, but not the 3 weeks that you mention.

Of course this may not be the case and they may just have money to burn. I would try and have a word and explain how it upsets your Dad.

My mum rang me on bonfire night to say 'he's coping quite well with the fireworks'. Dad? 'No the dog!!'

Come to think of it I remember a couple of years ago my Mum got something you plugged in which let off a hormone that a bitch gives off after giving birth to calm the dog down. She thought it had more of an effect on my Dad. :D


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Aug 20, 2006
Thanks. No, it's not Diwali, just a bunch of idiots who enjoy making a lot of noise.

I wouldn't approach them, as one is a well known "alcohol abuser" with a temper and the others are a very unsocial lot who have a very bad relationship with their own neighbour (she no doubt has problems like ours, as she has an adult daughter with Downs Syndrome and behavioral problems living there); that's why she has 16-foot fences along that side!

Unfortunately the law seems to say that to be classified as nuisance or anti-social it has to be so regular and inspector would visit and find it, and also according to the authority website, the inspector has to act as "a usual person", which means they can't take into account the needs of someone who is ill (and therefore has a lower threshold of distress).

They are very careful not to break the 11pm curfew, unless an opportunity like Bonfire Night or Diwali presents itself.


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Apr 15, 2007
Nebiroth, I live on a peninsula along with a power station that can also be very noisy, it has had its problems even making the news (transformer catching fire).

We have quite a few elderly retirees living here and idiots like you are speaking of.
The elderly are woken suddenly by the noise and panic thinking it's the POWER STATION going to blow up. Not to mention one particular poor dog who's cries of fear are pitiful to listen to.

Fire Crackers are banned in the state I live in, and it doesn't stop them altogether but, it does put the kibosh on things as far as frequency goes. I am sorry that this is distressing for your dad and can understand you being annoyed. Regards Taffy.