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wow, that is a new one


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Jan 18, 2015

Mother up at 1.30am thinking it was 1.30pm. She does this from time to time. Luckily OH was about and she decided to make a sandwich and a drink even after the time was explained, lots of chuntering from mother. Tea made, 2 slices of bread covered with spread and then looking for the cheese. Decided that as we didn't have the cheese she wanted (we actually have 3 packs of it) that she would have cheddar instead. Tried one pack but couldn't work out how to open it. OH keeping an eye on her watches as she starts slicing block butter thinking it was cheese. OH explains that this is butter, lots more chuntering and upstairs with a cup of tea and a jam sandwich.

The thought of a sandwich filled with thickly sliced butter YUK



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May 18, 2014
Try thinking of a sandwich made of mild curry paste or a number of cream crackers loaded with cooking lard, washed down with a cup of very sweet hot water or a small cup of tea made with about 6 tea bags!!!


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May 18, 2014
Tin, my stomach is heaving!
Over this year, we have had some very bizarre sandwich mixtures mostly due to mum thinking they are normal fillers and then of course she does not like the taste so just leaves the mess and goes back to bed its the night time when she does all of this and she does not notice that I am in the kitchen trying to guide or distract her. Its not as bad as it used to be because most stuff is hidden in tight plastic containers and the fridge lightbulb as gone and I have not replaced it. She will still raid the 'tin' cupboard, love ring pulls, but oh how easy for my mum to open them! I think the most disgusting sandwich she has ever prepared is a doggy meat one with Mayonaise, I think she thought it was corned beef!

Grace L

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Jun 14, 2014
Found husband eating block of butter having sliced off 'gawd knows how much'....:eek: before I caught him....

I'd heard him 'chopping'... went to investigate....
When I pointed out that it was butter, not cheese, he said ..... "I thought it tasted funny"...

To be fair, a block of butter and a pack of cheese are similar sizes/colours.
And there were both kept in the same place (fridge door)...
But..... he had unwrapped the butter foil packet, and cheese was in plastic not foil...


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Feb 11, 2015
Brighton, UK
She didn't have dementia, but my gran once made a cup of coffee using Bisto gravy granules. When it was pointed out to her afterwards, she just said "Oh, I thought it tasted a bit funny.."

She also tried to make toast by putting bread in the microwave.

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