Worst thing thats ever happend to me in my life


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Mar 27, 2006
Thanks again for all your thoughts. I am self employed and its catch 22 again. There is no way i can go on the sick as the show im in is very demanding and there is no one to take my place in the act. I would love time off to think but that never happens. I never thought about asking for help with expences but i think on paper i earn too much. But in our house hold mine is the only income coming in and its very rare i get any money to spend on myself. Its just now every night i go to bed all thats on my mind is mum there on her own. I know im not the only one in the world with problems and in the past my depression has been really bad but then its passed for a while. But now its like i have 10000 and 1 problems and i just don't know were to turn. Life at the moment is very hard and i feel like im being almost like ive abandoned my mum. All the years she has gave for me and my sister and now she's there alone. I called my sister today to see if she has been to see mum since our last visit last week and she has'nt. She told me its too hard for her which i understand but i just hope she dont stop going completly as she is mums life line as well as my dad.

Thanks all



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Apr 30, 2006
Hiya Mark
I'm sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment......just try and remember that you've coped in the past and you will cope again. Try to tackle each issue one by one....easier said than done i know.....just take one step at a time and try to be strong.
Don't feel as if you've abandoned your mum....she's safe and being cared for. You need to take time to regain your strength and it will come....
take care
love xx