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Nov 15, 2013
Hello all. My hub had a sudden decline in his dementia very muddled and disorientated. Has been on half minimum dose of risperidone for a couple of weeks twice a day. Has anyone any experience of this med. Also we arrived in cornwall from the north yesterday, usually happier here as it's where we moved from 3 years ago, but really all at sea. It was a long journey but did take 3 days staying one night near our son And another night further down. This is such a sudden decline he is not unwell in any way. Any ideas? He was so looking forward to seeing cornwall and our friends. It has been 13 months since our last trip. He can't remember people or places and short term memory has deteriorated all in a very short time. Any ideas
Sorry bit disjointed and long winded!
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Dec 1, 2014
swift decline

sorry to hear your hubbys decline in the past few days postigen, I haven't had any experience of the drug you mentioned, but my hubby was on donepezil, and after about 4 weeks, got noticeably worse, if he hasn't been on the meds long perhaps its a side effect, coming off the donepezil seemed to help for a short while, but sadly Phil is now much worse. I do hope someone on here will be able to offer more to help you.
Sending best wishes and a hug hope things improve for you.


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Mar 24, 2014
No idea about the drugs, postigen, but couldn't read and run. Someone who knows will surely see this and give their knowledge/advice. Hoping all is resolved for you soon.

Really very sorry to hear of your loved one's deterioration.


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Mar 8, 2015
My dad was on this drug as he was becoming very agitated. It definitely helped to calm him down but it probably did make him more confused and disorientated.

With regards to the holiday, we have been unable to take dad on holiday for a few years as although he always looked forward to visiting places we had been before, when he got there he was extremely confused. it was a nightmare


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Oct 8, 2013
I think the long disjointed journey and having to stay in unfamiliar places, could well have contributed significantly to his confusion. Hope he improves again soon.

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Oct 3, 2011
Sorry, can only tell you of our experience.
A few years ago when I briefly mentioned moments of aggression I had experienced from my wife, the mental health doctor recommended to our G.P. that he prescribe risperidone. I had read information about this drug on the Internet and was concerned not to use this medication for my wife and mentioned my concern to our G.P. Our G.P. did not prescribe the medication but made me aware that it is appropriate and necessary to prescribe it under some situations.
Six months later, in a follow-up review with another (much better) mental health doctor (consultant) he referred to the previous doctors recommendation to use risperidone. When I said I had been concerned about its use for my wife and it had thus not been prescribed for her, his response was to say that it was best not to use this medication unless absolutely necessary as it was a powerful drug and could sometimes cause unacceptable side effects in the patient. My wife's infrequent aggression ceased and she did not require any medication to help control it (I believe the NICE recommendation is that all other possible causes and treatments should be investigated before prescribing medication such as risperidone).
I hope this is of some help without causing you any further worry or concern. Perhaps a discussion about your observations with a G.P. would be helpful.