worried husband will lose confidence to go out


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Mar 24, 2020
My husband was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in November I am really concerned that if he stays in the house to long he will loose the little confidence he had regarding going out. Also that he will find confusing when I go back to work.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
That's a worry for me too in relation to my wife as she has lost her 3 days a week at a Day Centre due to it closing for 12 weeks minimum.

My wife was early onset when diagnosed and is not yet 70 so I take her out for a short walk at night when the streets are quite empty. I just hope that's enough and only time will tell if it is.


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Sep 27, 2019
It is a worry isn't it. I feel the same about my mum. She only went out with us, or to day centre but she used to come to supermarket with us each week and we used to go for a walk to local shops and things, but now she doesn't go out only into garden and some days not at all. When we're allowed out will she be fit enough to and will she have confidence to go out,or will she get used to being at home and be scared of going out?.
Last summer she wasn't well with tummy/bowel problems for about 12 weeks and barely went out. It took quite a while to build her strength up so she could walk for longer than ten minutes, although a lot of that was down to her barely eating and she'd lost quite a bit of weight but some of it would have been down to lack of exercise too. She doesn't want to go out just to walk streets without somewhere to go although I'm going to keep suggesting it, as I'm worried she lose her strength again.
She struggled a bit at shops with paying/packing before so after long period of not doing it will she be able to manage it again? It also took a lot of time and work to get her to go to day centre and she'd only been a few times when it closed so not sure if she'll go back when she can.
Being in the house all the time not mixing with others outside of immediate family/carers and not doing much probably won't help, as well as the worry from seeing things about virus on TV etc all the time.
It's a new routine to get used to now and it'll be a new routine when things go back to normal and that will take some getting used to and as dementia progresses I wonder if all this will speed up that progression.
For people who work and are now at home I think it will be harder once their PWD gets used to having them around all time to get used to them not being there again. Its definately a hard worrying situation x