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Worried about Discharge from Hospital


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Oct 1, 2014
My father in law is coming to the end of this third hospital stay in under 8 weeks. After a recent move from sheltered accommodation to a care home, the care staff discovered extensive bruising. This led to admission 1 which lasted over a week, and in which it was found he had two broken ribs. Admission 2 was brief - they sent him home about 24 hours after paramedics were suffered because he had chest pains. After admission 3 (more chest pains) they discovered low oxygen levels, pneumonia - which they treated - and lung damage as a result of the fall.

The hospital admissions seem to have accelerated my father in law's dementia. He is now very disorientated indeed, and that - along with his physical frailty - mean that the hospital are going to discuss with the care home whether they can cope with his increased needs. Does he perhaps need a nursing home instead?

I think my husband has exhausted. For the last 2 months everything has been about getting him moved from one place to another, doing all the administration re change of address with benefits and pensions, disposing of furniture etc, doing hospital visits and liaising with medical staff. The thought of yet another change of circumstance is just soul destroying.

The staff at the care home are kind, and I really hope they will take my father in law back. I also find myself hoping that the end is near...

Just wanted to let off steam and hear any thoughts that people my have.

My father in law was 96 this spring...

Amy in the US

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Feb 28, 2015
Mrs Moose, I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL's health issues and especially the hospital stays. He may be confused from being in hospital, or even have delirium. I hope getting him out of hospital is helpful.

I have no idea if the current care home can meet his needs, but if they can, or want to try, and you are happy with the care, I would stick with them.

This is not meant to cause distress, but have you considered a discussion with your husband about what he will and will not want treated for his father, going forward? If FIL were to get pneumonia again, or similar? (Oral meds versus IV or no treatment?). Or if you want to avoid further hospitalizations for him?

Again, I don't mean to be upsetting. After my mother's fall and surgery and all the subsequent stuff this year, I now want to avoid hospital stays for her, and she is 75. It was so devastating for her and the hospital induced delirium was horrible. Very best wishes to you.

nae sporran

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Oct 29, 2014
Sorry you have had such disruption and worry Mrs Moose. My OH has been in hospital recently and she needed a couple of days at home to settle again. When we moved last year the stress levels were high for both and that meant a month or two to settle as well.
So, I hope your Father in Law can stay in his current care home for a while at least until you can see if he will be ok. Not sure if settled or ok are quite the right words, but hope you know what I mean. As for any changes to care plans, I'll leave that to others with more experience to advise.