Won the battle!!

Susan S

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Feb 16, 2008
newcastle upon Tyne
After 7 weeks of constant battle and two failed assessments, the PCT have finally admitted that Mam should be fully funded.

A lot of this victory was down to the support from the care manager and also the support of Mam's consultant.

It just goes to prove if you don't let Social Services and the PCT try and "steamroller" you, you may win in the end.

I know this does not help Mam a great deal, but it is one less thing for me and my sister to worry about, it means we can concentrate on spending quality visiting time with her.

I would say to all people in this position, don't just give in and accept what the PCT say, if you feel that the person you care for should be fully funded, keep on to Social Services and the PCT to re-assess each time there is a decline in the health of your loved one.


Rejoice! Enjoy!

Wish it was that simple for some of us!

But enjoy your moments of triumph! Yeeehaaa!


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Nov 7, 2004
Congratulations Susan.

It is good to know that you have managed to obtain Continuing Healthcare for your Mam.

By any chance do you know what score your Mam achieved in the eleven domains that were used in the assessment?

Presumable she did not have a “Priority”, or two “Severe”. It would be interesting to know how many “High” Mam was awarded if you feel you could share that information.

Best Wishes



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Jun 27, 2006
That's excellent news Susan.

I do think that, even now, consultants can have a certain amount of push about this stuff. I know they aren't "supposed" to but I think they still do, although also think some consultants are more equal than others.



How can we all share in that? That thing called Consultant's Push.

That wonderful experience of a Consultant with "push"?

So there's no such thing as "equality of need" any more then? Or even equality of need-to-access-services-because-we-are-up-against-the-wall-with-two-hands-tied -behind-our-back, and with or without our own MASSIVE BIT OF PUSH!

Wish I'd known that a fair few years ago now! Would have saved me an awful lot of heartache, and effort and grief and tears and .... .... ... well, PUSH, really.

I would have asked the Consultant whether he/she had that little bit of extra PUSH. But then again, how would I ever have known until the ultimate 11th hour, whether or not that Consultant had that little bit of Extra Push. (Sounding now like an advert for a soppy cat-appendage!)

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
It is very unfortunate that there is such a thing as "push" in this world but realistically there is. I haven't had much "push" but I do have lots of determination, which enabled me to keep polite, civil, endless, nagging pressure on people.

My hearty congratulations, Susan! I guess you are quite as determined as I am.
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Congratulations Susan.

You obviously knew how to present the case for your mother in a non-confrontational but assertive manner, and in this way gained the support of your mother`s consultant and the care manager.


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Jul 19, 2005
I'm glad you won. Carers shouldn't have to fight for what is right. Everyone should have a copy of NHS continuing care, what help they can get, going into care etc. This applies to all areas. I now have it for my area. Also there should be straight forward care charges as there is too many mights and at the local authority discretion


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Feb 17, 2006
A lot of this victory was down to the support from the care manager and also the support of Mam's consultant.

It just goes to prove if you don't let Social Services and the PCT try and "steamroller" you, you may win in the end.

well done Susan , I still would say that the Victory is down to you for staying strong , making them all get they fingers out :D

Susan S

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Feb 16, 2008
newcastle upon Tyne

Thanks for your replies, as far as scores go I think Mam got 1 severe, 1 high and the rest were medium and low. I think what tipped the balance was the rapid deterioration in Mam's health and the input from the consultant who thought her deterioration was so severe that she has very little time left.

barbara h

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Feb 15, 2008
county durham
Hi everyone

I am susan's sister and it is good news today that after a lot of stress we have got funding for mam's care now we feel we can concentrate on mam for what ever time she has left with us. The stress of fighting for this and dealing with mam's sudden deteriating health was beginning to get to us.

The lady from the pct rang me to tell me the news and she said the report would remain the same like susan said 1 severe 1 high and the rest moderate and low but she would put a footnote on the report stating that my mam's health was unstable and unpredictable which it is. This weekend has proved that with her having another mini stroke on friday causing her to stop eating, drinking ,communicating and responding for two days.

We were determined not to let this go and my advice to you all is do not give up and just keep onto them. We were also lucky with the consultant who has been great and we owe her many thanks.

Barbara xx


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Well done Susan and Barbara.

It's great to hear that someone has actually won that particular battle.



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Sep 27, 2006
Well done to the two of you. It just shows that nothing is set in stone in this disease. The condition of a loved one is not a stable, given thing but does sadly, sometimes deteriorate quickly. The manner in which you have kept your cool in very difficult circumstances but been persistent has got two very important people on your side and is a credit to you both.


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