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Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Having just done the registration bit I 'think' you have to send of the 'informing' forms at the same time as the registration form and the 'folks' that you are informing have a month to object in. I hope it's like that cos that's how I have done it a couple of weeks ago... watch this space!

The good news is 'they' have to give a valid and legal reason for objecting... Because (In theory) whilst in a good mental state the person has 'decided' to appoint a particular person to look after their affairs. To deny the owner of the dosh their wishes needs a pretty good case.

More than that once the POA is registered anybody can ask for accounts to ensure that all is being done 'only' in the interest of the owner of the dosh!

I have had some considerable reaction to the registration and am somewhat amused.. A 'family' conference has been called! So pleased that all the family is taking an interest ... now. They could well become hoisted on their own petards - whatever they are!


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