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Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas

exhausted 2015

Registered User
Jul 5, 2015
stoke on trent
Just wanted to thank everyone for all the support that everyone has given me since I joined in July. I hope that you all have a peaceful Christmas.. And I am asking santa for some sleep lol.. My very best wishes exhausted 2015 xx


Registered User
Jul 20, 2011
I will ask Santa for you as well exhausted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThinking of you xx

Sue J

Registered User
Dec 9, 2009
Santa hasn't been yet I'm still trying to get dad to settle pointless trying to get some sleep yet... Is anyone else still awake? xx
Happy Christmas to you exhausted, hope Santa comes soon to you and Dad:)xxx and that he visits here too;)

Sue J

Registered User
Dec 9, 2009
Well I'm further South than both you exhausted and Louby65 so I guess Santa will get to Louby65 first so it might be a while before he gets here;):) but am going to try and get some sleep now so will say goodnight sleep well when it comesxxx


Registered User
Oct 10, 2015
North Cornwall
Merry Christmas exhausted2015
I hope you got a bit of shut eye. Did Santa come? You must have been in the ideal situation to catch him!! Have a good day.

Heidi xx


Registered User
Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
Hoping Santa came and gave you some sleep

Not much had here, but for different reasons. Nice ones for a change. Excited grandchild :)


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Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
Wishing you the Christmas you deserve :)

I'm sitting with the Carols from Kings in the background; beautiful - having watched them with dad last night when I also watched him as the peaceful and joyful atmosphere calmed him down from an entertaining afternoon he'd found a bit too stirring. Wonderful the power of music and tradition.
and I seem to be able to breath without coughing for the first time in a week - thanks for the good wishes you sent on another thread.