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Will I have to give up work?


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Dec 4, 2014
hi im dislex so baer with me on this. . My wife was only 58 her self .when she was dignosed with lewy body dementia. I to had a job that i like very match . And did not want to finnsh . My s/worker heelp to get me pip benitfit . For my wife £ 554 a month. Big help. I had a well payd job at the time .stll very young my self 62 old .. This illness missing evry thing up . You life has well.

Thank you for the information. Husband doesn't have a social worker and no ones even mentioned that to us. Age UK have been pretty good, hubby is 62, started with pension credit and I earn £8 a month too much!! But will try with pip see if we can get anything, and you're so right, this illness does mess every thing up. Anyway I appreciate the reply, just feel like I'm struggling against the tide all the time.


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Dec 4, 2014

My husband goes and knocks on my neigbour's door and she has complained a couple of times! She sent me a message saying 'can I always take him with me'!! Felt hurt by this comment as her mother had Alzheimer's! just like my hubby.

Not just because of the above but I try my best to not leave him alone at all but not always able to do this. I have put three sorts of weekly day groups in place for him. Sometimes my brother-in-law looks after him and takes him for a walk. Whilst hubby is at the day groups I get my shopping etc done so that I don't have to worry what he is doing. Luckily he does enjoy word searches etc
If I do go out I make sure he has things to do even if its something on tv he is interested in or something he can do in the house. I give clear instructions to him and remind him not to knock on the neigbour's door as she will complain. I try and make sure he has biscuits or chocolate or something to enjoy. He can't resist finding someone to joke to but I discourage it as much as I am able.

I am afraid I did have to give up my job and whilst the future is daunting I just have to keep telling myself we will manage somehow financially and will just have to see!

People can be very hurtful even when they've been through a similar situation. We only moved here in August and the neighbours seem very nice but I can't expect them to cope with him. I've decided to put a note through the neighbours doors to give them my mobile number so if I'm at work they can ring me if he's becoming a nuisance. It's difficult at work as I only started in December, they know the situation but not sure when it comes down to it how flexible they'd be. Anyway thank you for the reply, without this forum I think I would feel so alone some days.


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May 14, 2012
My hubby had to give up work at 61 and has had ESA and DLA (now PIP) payments for the past 3yrs.

Because he gets DLA I could claim for carer Allowance and still work so long as my wages were less than £100 a week. I had to give up work last year 3mths before I turned 60. Its not an easy decision but I am still in touch with a few friends from work and I have found new friends at the carer groups I attend.

https://www.gov.uk/pip/overview, this will tell you more and any forms you have to fill in, please get help from CAB, AgeUK or Alzheimer Society.


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Aug 19, 2013
Im continuing to work although its not easy, we both need a break and the cash. It took a while but ive some good day care, and some good friends. Hope it works for you.


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Apr 3, 2014
near Folkestone
I gave up work , I am 52 hubs is 65 , as john started to wander out of house, so I had no choice really. I do miss my work but with having been a store manager the hours were just too long and unpredictable ( 60 plus hours) for me to continue. I miss my salary and the financial freedom :( my husband got dismissed as soon as the med police found out he had mixed dementia and declared him unfit for work .

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Jan 31, 2012
I know people on here love age concern but my local one were not very helpful. They said as she was under 65 they couldn't advise or offer us any support.
They just sent some flyers through on local groups. I was very disappointed with them,,
The local Age Concern here in Portsmouth say they deal with anyone aged 50 or over, because so many folk take early retirement these days; I'm 59.