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Mar 22, 2007
said Jon following a trip with his Granny out shopping, is Granny acting like a Hoody??
and indeed she had been , her main aim of the shopping trip was seemingly to reach from her chair and pull stuf off the shelves, and abuse other shoppers. All very embarrasing.
However, in the cafe after the nightmare trip (at least we did buy her clothes that fitted, she has lost about 4 stone in the last few months) as she tucked into lemon cake and tea she said gleefully
"Im having a good time"
Later on as Jon recovered , lying on the living rom floor, I noticed he was amending a charity leaflet from Help the Aged. Carefully, jon had amended it to read
Help!! th Aged.
How right he is!:D


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Feb 17, 2006
I know the feeling about the young and not understanding the strange behaviour that happen when someone has dementia and taking them out , my daughter’s still find it embarrassing even now how my mother eats when we go out for a meal , my daughter has it all sorted out where she going to sit so no one can see her .

shopping is no more , because mum does not want to get in to a wheelchair, oh I remember taking mum shopping putting every thing under the sun in the trolley , getting rude with check out lady .

Just this Saturday gone , she keep asking my daughter friend every time she pass her , for the drink she had in her hand ( orange drink ) she gave it to her , then mum would give it back to me , this happen a few times I did wonder who keep giving mum drink , till my daughter saw what was happening the poor girl got a drink at the end :)

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