Why I Care


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Dec 29, 2003
Hi All
This is part of a poem I read that inspires me to keep caring. I apologise if you've already read it , but thought i'd share it with you.

Now years have passed and I've become what you helped me to be.
A woman who can brave the storms and use her love to see.
A woman who with tons of tears discovered in the middle
That I was big, but God had somehow changed you to be little.
I understand what "big" can mean in this old, changing world.
I remember how you cared for me and when I was a little girl.
I remember all those happy years and what you'd say and do.
And I use that memory now to do the exact same things for you.

A memory you no longer have,
But that's OK, my dear.
For now you're little, but I am big.
And you have nothing to fear.

Take care all