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Why do I argue still?


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May 18, 2014
If I'd known you were all on here last night/this morning!! 2.30 am after just half hour sleep for me, none for mum, I found her in the kitchen day clothes on plus hat and coat making tea and eating sandwiches prepared for our lunch today. Tried to explain to her what she was doing and then an argument, could not get her back to bed. 5am exhausted, she fell asleep. It is sometimes so hard. Now in the light of day I can see there was a build up to this which probably started 5 days ago! So I did my share of shouting and of course now I am totally ashamed and looking at my poor mum who is doing her best under the circumstances.


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Dec 17, 2012
Have to say this quite comforting to read that I am not the only one to lose the plot


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Aug 23, 2014
You are only human and the situation is so frustrating you are bound to snap once in a while. Just get it off your chest and dont beat yourself up over it.

MIL was obsessed with money. She was used to handling all the finances for her and FIL and always kept a large amount in the house. She has alzheimers and FIL had vas. Dementia. She kept hiding it and forgetting where she had put and we would spend hours searching the house while she accused everyone under the sun of stealing it, so eventually we took it and put it in her bank as she didnt need any because she didnt go out on her own, and although we did not have poa my husband managed all the bills etc for them. Of course she obsessed over it saying she had nothing and no amount of talking or showing her statements could persuade her otherwise. She accused everyone of stealing it and insisted she needed money in her purse so we would draw £50 out for her but it would mysteriously disappear. God knows what she did with it but i remember the shock of the first time she accused me! We had just put £50 in £10 notes into her purse and showed her. 5 minutes later she got it out and looked at it and asked where the rest had gone No no amount of talking or counting would convince her otherwise. She turned to me and said we both known youve taken it !. I know she was ill but that cut me to the bone. So the end we solved the problem by printing out a wad of £20 notes on the computer as she didnt known the difference and if they vanished we just printed more!;)

Its a horrible disease and a horrible life for those living it and everyone connected to them. Even a saint would lose their patience and i dont know why we expect to be superhuman and not get frustrated or cross from time to time.
I just had to laugh. Printing money , the things this disease makes us do !!!


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Dec 10, 2013
I'd forgotten this!

That lack of logic and an obsession about money is such a toxic combination. Sooooo hard not to argue back and reason when someone is accusing you of something bizarre, something you definitely wouldn't do, couldn't have done.

My preferred tactic was to walk away but I still tried arguing back when my mum started accusing my sons. I just had to defend them, as pointless as it was. No mum, they didn't travel back with their friends from their holiday in France last night to break into your house and steal your things...
OMG .... You just reminded me of something I had forgotten. Parents been away a few months ago and when they returned, Mum accused me of letting my friends stay at her house in her absence because "packets of crisps had moved, someone had used all the bleach and her coat was missing". No-one had been near it except me to water plants and nothing else touched. And money ..... This has started emerging in so many conversations totally unrelated.


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Jan 4, 2014
North Hampshire
Printing Money :-O

Lets hope the Fraud Squad haven't got an internet search for "printing money" on the go :D

Great idea though - have bookmarked it for if needed :)


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