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Why desn`t it surprise me?

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
I received an email today, along with everyone else I suppose, in response to a petition I signed recently.
You signed a petition asking the Prime Minister to " Increase Carers
Allowance to better reward those who save the country money by their

And the link for anyone who didn`t receive it;


Means tested again and only for those of working age. What rubbish.

Has anyone ever had any success with a petition, or does anyone know of anyone who has had success with a petition?


Registered User
Mar 7, 2004
Hello Sylvia, I was not surprised by the reply.

As you say, means tested and only for those of working age.

What on earth would happen if all carers of above working age ceased to practise caring? where would we be?.

(No don't all answer at once, and I certainly did not mean to denigrate younger carers............just feeling down tonight)