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why are social services so disinterested


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Dec 28, 2015
Mum was diagnosed with mild dementia a couple of years ago and prescribed Arasept. She was reluctant to take any tablets and now has a carer to ensure she takes her meds.
She broke her hip two months ago and is worse . She has become doubly incontinent , her mobility is poor and she is a little dis inhibited.
Both my sister and I felt that she should go into residential and we argued for two hour with the social worker about this .Mum lives in a second floor flat and now finds it hard to go up and down stairs. She will not wear her pads and if she does she leaves them in the shower or hides them under the couch ! She hides her food so the carers think she is eating and her short term memory is much worse.
I have been on to her CPN and social worker and they both feel she has capacity and is doing fine.
She has carers four times a day and my sister visits four times a week . I only go once a week as I work and do not live locally . She tells people she does all her own washing and cooking but in reality all she does is sit and watch TV all day . Her mobility is worse an NO ONE will listen.
She is not coping ........what can we do ?
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Apr 24, 2013
Probably nothing other than what you are doing already. She is not a danger to herself or others and that is what they consider important. She may be unsanitary and neglectful but that in itself will not be enough for them to fund her care.

Keep a diary with your sister of what you are experiencing with her. It may be needed further along the line.


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Aug 28, 2014
Same story with my mum. It took a crisis to get a change. 4 months in hospital then care home. I took the key out if the key safe and refused to cooperate. It worked. On my side i did have her social worker although hospital thought she was fine to go home. You might have to threaten to stop helping.


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Aug 29, 2011
with carers 4 times a day your Mum will have all her washing and her clothes done and her shopping and meals done etc so has no need to use stairs unless with a carer...if they are not doing all this then list what needs doing for her and check up on them...if Mum is happy at home then I think you could let her be .....we as daughters, try to address every eventuality and it just can't be done