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Where to send cheques?

Emily M

Registered User
Jan 20, 2015
It was my mother's funeral a couple of days ago and we asked for donations to the Alzheimer's Society rather than flowers. As advised I set up a webpage on JUSTGIVING.COM and I paid all the cash collected into this fund.

However I have one cheque that is made out to the Alzheimer's Society and I want to check that I am sending it to the correct address. I assume it is the one on the website:-

Alzheimer's Society
Devon House
58 ST Katherine's House
London E1W 1LB

Do I have to address it to a particular department?

I would also like a receipt so I can pass it to the person who donated. Do you require a SAE?


Staff member
Apr 29, 2014
Hi Emily,

I've sent you a PM about this, which hopefully helps to answer your questions :)

Best wishes,