Where to go for Financial advice ?


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Aug 6, 2006

My mom's husband has Alzheimers and he is deteriorating rapidly and will need
to go into care soon I expect.

My mom looked after my grandparents on my dad's side (both with Alheimers) and
they left her a sum of money in their will.
Subsequently my mom also looked after her mom
until she recently died, and now her husband has Alzheimers.

My question is where can she go to get accurate and inbiased financial advice ?

She has saved money all her life and my worry is that the social services will just
suck all of this up to pay for her husband's care and after all she has done she will
be left exhausted and broke which is not fair at all.

Any help greatly appreciated, links to web sites or phone numbers
would be great.

A big hug to everyone that is suffering directly or indirectly from this terrible disease.



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Oct 9, 2003
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Jul 2, 2005
My understanding is funding care is based on the patient's assets, and that if there is a marital home in joint names that cannot be sold to pay for care. So you father's own savings and income would be what was taken into account.

If your mother was left money individually, I think that would be safe.

You need to ask your parents' social worker or CPN for a financial assessment - can't remember which body does these but think it is the local authority. We had one as my husband, who has vascular dementia, has never been that hot on earning and even worse on saving, so while I have savings these are not taken into account, and I even get the princely sum of £46 a week carers allowance, as I am currently not earning. How they come to this interesting figure is beyond me, particular when compared to the allowance paid to people to foster children.