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Sep 19, 2005
Hi All,
Can anyone give me any information?
My mom is now attending a day centre six days a week, 11am til 4pm. She thinks she has a job ( bless her ) and she has taken to it better than we could ever imagine. She was really against going at first but after a few visits she soon made friends. However, the AD is progressing very quickly. It is now impossible to have a conversation with her as she cannot remember anything she has done or even what she has had for lunch. She has forgotten our names and thinks we are her sisters and brother. She wets herself constantly and has started to cut up her clothing and her handbags and then says someone else has done it.
Mom lives on her own but my brother lives next door and his wife does a lot for her. She seems to have a real dislike for my S.I.L and tells us we don't know what she is like. I think my S.I.L tells mom off when she wets herself and when she dresses herself wrongly. ( should she be doing this? )
Tonight at 9-45 my mom was going to go out, my nephew caught at the front gate and asked her where she was going , she said she had a new house and had taken all her things there. I think I convinced her when I spoke to her on the phone and told her she had to go to bed and get a good nights sleep so she could get up early for work tomorrow.
My brother was then going to put her to bed and lock the doors so she couldn't get out and wander.
She has an appointment at the hospital to see the consultant in July. Should I ring up and get an earlier one?
I really don't know what to do , can anyone help.
Mom is on 24mg Reminyl.
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Jul 15, 2005
I think my S.I.L tells mom off when she wets herself and when she dresses herself wrongly. ( should she be doing this? )
Unless you witness your SIL telling your Mom off, I wouldn't assume it is true. My Mom constantly rags on my SIL that lives in another state. They were never close but she has become the brunt of my Mom's dislike and she just will not get off of it! Still, if there is a likeyhood that your SIL isn't handling your Mom well, you might get her some books on the subject. Alot of people think the AD person can be talked or chastized out of their behavior and they can't. Their brains can no longer reason that way and what they do isn't their fault. A book that has helped me so much with my Mom is " The Validation Breakthrough" by Naomi Feil. She gives some very helpful advice in how to talk to the AD person. I have used some of her suggestions with good results.

Take care and I hope your appointment goes well.