Where can I find clothes that can be tumble dried ?

Discussion in 'I care for a person with dementia' started by Angela T, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Hair Twiddler

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    Aug 14, 2012
    Middle England
    I try to avoid 60` washes of mums clothes, mainly because she wears the same 4 or 5 warm tops all the time - well to be specific, in strict `is-it-clean rotation` for the past 6 or 7 years.

    These staples are her favourites, they are warm fleecy type fabric jumpers with flat collars on them (mum has "no neck" - if you see what I mean). If any of you know where I can replenish our stock with new ones - I will be very grateful for the info.

    Mum loves colours - so no beige in her wardrobe - though some outfit choices can be eye-watering!

    Nice blowy washing line day here - whats it like where you are?
    Twiddler x
  2. Witzend

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    Aug 29, 2007
    SW London
    At the bottom of the M&S web page is a 'contact us' link, with an email box, and a drop down menu including 'product info'. If you gave precise details of the garments and what you want to know, I would think they would tell you. Personally I have always found M&S customer service very good, not that I am saying it will always be perfect!
  3. chrisdee

    chrisdee Registered User

    Nov 23, 2014
    Gosh this is a popular thread isn't it?! My mum was definitely a former Eastex/Windsmoor lady who used to make a terrific fuss about matching clothes. I have found top and cardi combination to be the best. for tops, Bon Marche unbeatable as quite thick and laundered/t.day well. M+S classic range for stretchy trousers, had to take these up to 25". Bon marche ok but a bit thin. Edinburgh Woollens the best for cardis - have to check the brand, found Honor something the best as thickish acrylic. A lot of their stuff is wool, so not good for lasting. A bonus for me is short length, M+S wash fine be can be too long for short ladies. It is galling when useful favourites go missing though.
  4. MeganCat

    MeganCat Registered User

    Jan 29, 2013
    South Wales
    When mum first went into the care home she was fully mobile so a trip to the out of town M&S was an afternoon out for her - she could participate in the choosing of clothes (although she thought they were for me because of course she had no money!) but could offer an opinion on colour etc. mums 5 foot and the short length trousers were ok for her (I think her legs are possibly quite long in proportion)
    The m&s cardigans in the classic range that I bought wash really well - she has the same nice cardi in 3 colours as a result. She is much colder these days so a cardi she can layer up with is great. I also got some of those soft colourful jumpers which aren't very expensive and appear to be holding up well so far. They are washed frequently!! Food spillage is inevitable. They also do stretchy waist trousers which mum could manage for getting off in the loo when she had started to have difficulty with buttons clasps and hooks. This range often is discounted at sale time.
    I bought those soft pull on bras that go over your head and give a little support without being constrictive or tight and no wires.
    I bought cheap undies and socks and assorted long and short sleeve t shirt Material tops. As she regained weight in the home I had to buy bigger sizes - so the mark of a good purchase is that mum has it in more than one size!!
  5. Angela T

    Angela T Registered User

    Jul 13, 2014
    If you are washing the clothes yourself, you can take care when you wash them. I understand that in NHs or CHs, the priority is to clean regularly and efficiently and they wash and dry on high temperatures - something I never do with my clothes.

    For the fabric tops you want to replace, where did you buy the ones you have ?

    I think colours is good - it cheers everyone up.

    Here (where I live in France) it is mild today, but not blowy !

    Take care,
  6. Kevinl

    Kevinl Registered User

    Aug 24, 2013
    It really is the cardi fan club in here. I rarely dress my wife in anything woollen, it's difficult to wash and takes forever to dry and it's too easy to get it wrong and make them shapeless or shrink them, everything sticks to wool like mad, woolies are strictly going out clothes these days. Just my opinion but fleeces have a lot going for them if you might get through 2 or 3 a day as we sometimes do.
  7. supertrooper

    supertrooper Registered User

    Jul 18, 2011
    I used to have the problem you have my lovely mum was always smart but she had to rely on me towards the end but saying that she never complained about the clothes she wore. So I concentrated on buying clothes that were suitable for all concerned and comfortable. She never liked polyester she told me it made her sore! So the shops I bought from included M & Co, liked Peacocks and Bon Marche, I stopped looking in M&S and discovered other shops such as ASDA and Sainsburys. I was like Hair Twiddler is now with mum's clothes.

    I have washing on the line as I write, not for mum but for Dad he has mixed dementia and I find because of his relaxed attitude and thinking about what he has worn in the past, he is so much easier to pick clothes for and that are easy maintenance. He looks good too today in trousers bought from ASDA I haven't even needed to have them pressed.

    I do have a tumble dryer but have always preferred line drying. I have left clothes out overnight to catch the morning sun and bring in for 11.00 ish beautifully thick and almost ready to wear if you know what I mean. (I used to feel embarassed doing this and laughed with my neighbour about it and guess what we all regularly do it now. It seems I think to others that we must be lazy, slovenly, that really is not the case. I just prefer the thick, comfortable, feel and look of the clothes when they come in dry from the line.)

    My mum was nearly 79 when she died and she loved a range of clothes. I remember her favourite one, (I know this because she would smile when if appeared for her to wear following being washed. She always said "Oh, is it new? Just delighted everytime.) was purchased from NEXT of all places, whilst shopping for my young son.

    I now have a stock of rotating clothes but always keep my eye open for instance I was in Aldi and have discovered some marvellous socks for dad they're very washable I turn them inside out and wash on 40 (not 30) and they are like new. I bought cotton jumpers for dad from Asda they are absolutely perfect, don't shrink or bobble or look thin.

    I used to think that a certain shop was the only place to buy underwear, blouses, shirts and generally clothes, but that is simply not true their quality is not superior as I 'm sure you have noticed. I hope you have found my ramble helpful. All the best everyone.
  8. supertrooper

    supertrooper Registered User

    Jul 18, 2011
    post crossed

    Angela T - I think my post has crossed, I have just read your last one about Nursing home doing your Mum's washing.. sorry. All the best,
  9. Valensis

    Valensis Registered User

    Mar 9, 2015
    You can try to find such clothes here darim24.com My mom find clothes that she need there.
  10. Austinsmum

    Austinsmum Registered User

    Oct 7, 2012
    Melton Mowbray
    I've had a notice put over mum's laundry bin in her room at the Nursing Home saying I'll take home any delicates and hand wash them. Most of the time it works. I was never one for buying delicates myself as I am a lazy so and so when it comes to any domestic chores so this is a first for me! :) Mind you, she sometimes uses the laundry bin as a loo in the night... :D Still smilin'
  11. Angela T

    Angela T Registered User

    Jul 13, 2014
    Thanks for all your replies.

    I am coming over to the UK in 2 weeks' so will go to the shops you have mentioned. After that, I can buy online.

    Kevin1 - yes I will avoid anything with wool. There are alternatives - which are warm/smart. Fleeces, cotton...

    Supertrooper - I will steer clear of polyester. I think there are lots of good quality cottons which wash and dry well - I shall just keep my eye open now, for pretty cotton tops this summer...

    Valensis - Thank you for the tip : darim24.com.

    It is yet just another step along this dementia road - my mother can no longer wear what she chooses, but what I buy and what others choose for her.
  12. flowerpetals

    flowerpetals Registered User

    Mar 6, 2015
    Hi Angela T,

    I think that Debenhams and House of Frasers are great stores for buying nice clothes that can be tumble dried. Their ranges are for all ages. I also like M&S because of the different leg lengths that that they sell in trouserwear. It's hard to buy clothes for my Mum now, she likes to hold on to her older stuff although they are quite worn, bless her.

    Happy shopping! :)
  13. balloo

    balloo Registered User

    Sep 21, 2013
    darmart are very good I wash and tumble dry everything .underwear is from M and S tumble dry every day
  14. Angela T

    Angela T Registered User

    Jul 13, 2014
    Thanks ! Do you mean Damart ?

    Because they exist in France. Yes, I have just bought clothes from there - the problem is size, my mother has lost weight, but I am not sure she is down to a size 12 - and the NH staff can't measure her because she can't stand up.

    I think it is safer to avoid trousers and stick to skirts. I thought trousers would be warmer than skirts, because they cover her legs. I suppose tights are not possible because of communal washing, so should she wear socks ?
  15. Angela T

    Angela T Registered User

    Jul 13, 2014
    Thanks flowerpetals, yes I am realising that I can in fact buy from a range of stores. It seems cotton can be tumble dried, whatever the label says.

    Yes, different leg lengths are good, my mother is small so regular trousers are always too long.

    It must be difficult for you, wanting to buy nice new stuff for your mum, if she wants to keep her old clothes, even if they are worn... I am wondering whether my mother will like what I have chosen for her. It is quite a responsibility, isn't it ?
  16. flowerpetals

    flowerpetals Registered User

    Mar 6, 2015
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    It is hard buying clothes for your loved ones. I have noticed that M&S have a sale on again so on the way back from the hospital with Mum today, I will take her in there and try and persuade her to try on some new things. I won't hold my breath though!

    I wish you all the best with your clothes shopping, I'm sure your mum will be delighted with her new goods, you probably know what she likes to wear anyway. My mum's just fussy, he he!
  17. flowerpetals

    flowerpetals Registered User

    Mar 6, 2015
    In the care home where my friend works, they label the clothes they buy so I would imagine it's ok to but tights and socks. Unless you mean the thin tights which only last about 2 washes??
  18. Spiro

    Spiro Registered User

    Mar 11, 2012
    M & S also have outlet stores, you can check locations on their website.

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