where can I buy a calendar clock


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Feb 21, 2008
My mam needs a bedside calendar clock(face not digital, ideally alarm battery. When she wakes up she doesn't know what day it is and gets confused as to what her routine for the day is. Could anyone please help me find where to get one? Thanks.


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Oct 16, 2007
manchester, uk
Hi Aaquinn

Welcome to TP.

I remember someone asking the same thing a few months ago. Give me a while and I'll try and see if I can find it and answer your question for you.



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Oct 16, 2007
manchester, uk

Sorry i couldn't find the old thread. If you look at the site sue has mentioned there is one on there. If this isn't what you are looking for give me a shout and I'll have a look on the net for you.

Take Care


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Jan 9, 2008
Hi aaquinn

I'm not sure that this is what you want but I thought that I would mention it anyway.

My dad has the same problem of not knowing what day of the week it is. We bought him something called a dayclock. It looks just like a normal clock but only has one hand which points to the day of the week.

If you are interested, please see linkhttp://www.dayclocks.co.uk/products.asp

The only problem we now have is for dad to remember to look at the clock!



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Jun 27, 2006
That's a very neat clock, burfordthecat.

The only thing I would say about all these clocks is: even if you get one, and your loved one can read it, they still might not believe it or even if they do, that might not have any meaning for them. We sometimes, on the outside looking in, seek to find solutions to what appears to be the problem, only to find that the problem is something quite different.


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hello again,

There is a firm called PSS.org.uk, which is based in Liverpool, and they deal in all sorts of careing and support equipment for people with Dementia etc. There is also an excellant on line catalogue.

Best Wishes


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Aug 4, 2008
Somerset, UK
Is there such a thing as a calander watch

I saw the post on the calander clock which looks really useful but wondered if anyone has seen a wrist-watch version? Thanks


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Jun 13, 2008
Mum had a problem remembering the day of the week- the Community Psychiatric Nurse arranged for one to be delivered to her on loan.It came ready set with day, month, am or pm and time on it. Now when she askes the wardens the day of the week they direct her back to the clock- breaking the cycle of "what day is it"

Hope it works for you- we have mum's next to the telly so when she is sat in her chair she can see at a glance what day it is.

Julie x


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Dec 4, 2008
Fylde Coast, England
I was looking for a calendar clock for mum earlier and came across this page. I didn't find anything really suitable on the net, but I popped into Asda earlier and saw that they had one.

It's an Acctim Stratus.

It's a little bit larger than I wanted, but I think mum will find it useful in a corner of the kitchen. She thought it was Friday today and was wondering where the daycentre car was.

It was only £14.69 so I can use it in my garage if she hates it. :)


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Nov 30, 2007

My brother has alzheimers and I was the same as a lot of you.
I bought him a calendar clock [c.£80 del] from Graysons http://www.graysonclocks.com/default.aspx and also a bedside alarm clock from a superstore [c.£5]
The only thing is that although he can read the clock when pushed, he does not always recognise the time and date on it.
The alarm clock I set at the lowest volume and told him to just leave it as it switches off itself after an hour. For the first few weeks, he was unplugging it as he thought it was really loud, I presume by the fact that it woke him up from silence. I think we have it sorted now and he is getting up regularly as he used to and also wants to to enable him to start his day.
As said below, with the best will in the world we carers do miss the point sometimes.


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Aug 25, 2010
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Apr 26, 2009

I have a big Calender clock - it is a real clock, not digital.

The clock I have is the Grayson Time Management system,
Automatic Calendar.

Hopefully you can find it on the internet. I would not function without mine!!



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Aug 15, 2010
Hi DonnaHewitt
What a great website you've recommended and not just for the clock. So many items I can see will be of use to mum and I've been thinking how can get that or this....


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Nov 22, 2010
where can I buy a calendar clock?

I am new to talking points and came across it when trying to find a calendar clock for my Mum who has vascular dementia and is always asking 'What day is it?'. I have ordered one fron Wharton's as suggested by sue38. It looks just what we were looking for with the day and date and an analogue clock below. THANK YOU.:)