When words have no meaning

Discussion in 'I care for a person with dementia' started by Linbrusco, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Linbrusco

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    Mar 4, 2013
    Auckland...... New Zealand
    Mum with moderate Alzheimers has taken a bit of a nose dive in recent weeks.
    Dates, days, weeks, time have no meaning.

    She is constantly amazed at the fact that every morning that the numbers change on her phone, and Dad says she gets up early most morning to check the numbers on the phone. The phone displays the time, date & month.
    " how come my phone says September the 3rd? What will it be tomorrow? Does your phone have the same?"
    When you try and explain today is the 3rd, tomorrow is the 4th etc, she says she didn't know days worked like that.

    Mum has a pill container that I fill every Sunday. She takes tablets, Mornining, Evening, Bedtime. Mum for the past 2 years takes the Morning tablets with her breakfast, and I oversee the Evening and Bedtime.
    Now she asks " I have tablets in here that say for Morning. When do I take them?"

    Mum has three grandchildren with birthdays this month on the 13th, 15th & 18th.
    She does not remember their birth dates now. Not surprising. :)
    Except my neice is turning 21 and having a party on the 19th.
    Mum asked when her party was and I said in a fortnights time.
    She looked at me puzzled, so I said in 2 weeks time. Still puzzled, I said it will be when the number on your phone says 19. She was happy with that :)

    In New Zealand, this Sunday is Fathers Day. Mum asked what day it was, and I told her and that in May it is Mothers Day. She thought it was most funny and says she has never heard of Fathers , or Mothers Day before. :(

    Days of the week also seem to be just words, but really have no meaning to her :confused:

    I find this recent decline quite hard to manage, because with little concept of time her anxiety is also increased. I have to take Mum to see her GP next week.

    Does anyone think that this could lead on to lack of awareness on other words, objects etc? Or I suppose its anybodys guess......
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    Jan 23, 2009
    North Bucks
    Hello Linbrusco
    I can understand your concern that your mothers condition is deteriorating , but even though we all know the sadness that is to come
    I found the message you have sent very endearing , it shows the love that you feel
    feel for your mom
    Best wishes
  3. Mrsbusy

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    Aug 15, 2015
    My Mum is just the same, I even bought her a clock with a face layout but with the days of the week. Didn't help a dot. To me it was obvious but to her it didn't make any difference.

    I think you will probably find that the next thing will be if you say to her you will be 15 minutes she won't have any concept of what that amount of time is. So she may think it's ages or no time at all. It even depends from day to day how she perceives it.

    Inused to take my mum with me to a hospital appointment to get her out, but after only half an hour as she couldn't tell the time anymore she was convinced we had been waiting the whole afternoon. It can be frustrating and limiting. I can phone her and say I will be up in an hour but she is never ready as she thinks she has four hours before I get there.

    I'm afraid it's just another characteristic of the blasted disease. My mum can't read or write anymore and that has an impact too as you can't leave notes. This was due to a stroke though so don't worry yourself about your mum.

    You sound so caring for your Mum and your Dad who is probably grateful of your help too.
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    Dec 19, 2011
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    Dad's 80th


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