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When to stop them from driving


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May 24, 2006
One of my Mothers neighbours told her she should not be driving nearly a year ago .......Mother refused to speak to her since

AA Man was called out 5 times in Jan/feb .....Mother claimed garage had put something in the car !!!!!!!
AA Man wrote .......batty old woman ....on the report sheet
I suspect he reported her to DVLA but it took them nearly 3 months to send her a licence revocation letter

She is 90 and to my knowledge she was not called for a medical or a test
She blames her GP and says he is spiteful for saying she cant drive

However i am thankful she can no longer pose a danger to others and friends at my daughters wedding 13 years ago saw my Mothers driving then and said .....ouch

So personally I would like to see the system they have in New Zealand where every driver over 75 has to go for a test every year

Instead of the self certification nonsense we have here every 3 yrs after age 70