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  1. Gardenersworld

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    May 18, 2018
    my Father has just died, leaving my mum who was diagnosed early on set Alzheimer’s last year. The doctor says she could stay at home with carers but I live abroad so my brother does most of the visiting and wants her to move closer to him. Any advice about whether to move her now or later? I fear more stress could initiate a further decline to that which we have seen over the last 6 months?
  2. Jessbow

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    Does she need to come to terms with your fathers death perhaps first? Does she understand that he has died? ( My late mother was convinced my father had gone off with another woman, despite having attended his funeral)

    In the bigger picture, she probably is better nearer your brother BUT will it then cut her off from everything and everyone she know? We kept Mum at home as long as we could, but all her neighbours looked out for her, and when she did go walk abouts they would usually intercept as they had known her years
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    Jul 23, 2017
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    Hello and welcome to TP, I hope you find support here.

    Moving someone with dementia is a hard thing to call for the reasons already outlined by Jessbow. Causing confusion by way of the loss of what is familiar can cause problems. I would hope that members with experience of this scenario will see your post and be able to advise how it turned out for them.
    In relation to the death of you father I offer my condolences and enclose a link to an AS Factsheet which deals with grief in general, including the issues for a person with dementia. I hope it is of use to you.

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