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When to go into a care home


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Dec 12, 2013
Confused, I recently had a meeting with SS,CPN and Carers re mom, who currently lives at home with vascular dementia, the top and bottom of the conversation was that we need to be looking at care homes for mom to go into,but no idea of when this may take place was given, although mom is getting worse by the week, I am just totally confused of how to go about this, do we just put her on waiting lists, how do I find out abut financing it, she does not own her own home and has no savings, has she had a community care assessment?, I have no idea,they havesuggested we meet again the middle of Jan 2015, but what if moms gets much worse inbetween and they decide she needs to go into the care home likenow, I don't want her just being put in any one of them, please help I am finding this boggling many thanks x


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
If mum has no savings or property above £23k it would most likely require LA involvement and funding. This first requires LA to assess her needs and agree that these can only be met in a residential or nursing care home. If there hasn't yet been a full assessment yet ask for one now.

If LA agree with residential care, they would then undertake a financial assessment to see how much mum would contribute and how much they will contribute.

LA should be able to provide a list of local homes, but I'd strongly suggest you do your own research and you can go and visit those you think could be suitable whenever you want, you don't need any LA or SS authorisation.

There are some good fact sheets on the main AS website and also on Age UK website which explain all this in much more detail. Sorry I'm not clever enough to post links directly.