When things go wrong!

Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Last Friday for the first time someone was coming to spend two hours with my husband, the idea being to take him out for a walk in town and try to give him the confidence to go out without me.

I had explained that on this first visit I would be at my AZ support group meeting ( I can leave my husband on his own at home). They were due to arrive an hour after I went out.

I arrived home from my meeting to find husband still at home, checked the phone no message in fact it hadn't rung since the day before. Well nobody turned up and by Monday afternoon still no word or apology so I phoned them, the person I spoke to was the one that had arranged it all and was about to ring me to see how it had gone!

I explained it was very disappointing to prepare my husband for it and then it not to take place.

Leave it with me the man said I will find out what happened and ring you back (this was yesterday at 2pm) I am still waiting for a response!

If the service is unreliable I feel I would be better off without it.



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Linda, I would suggest don't react too hastily - mistakes happen. I would be concerned though in your position, as inevitably you must ask yourself the "what if..?" question. Fortunately your husband is still able to be left for longer than an hour.
I would listen to their explanation (if they make one) and if you feel it is OK give them a second chance, but maybe wait until you know that they have arrived. If not, are there alternative sitting services in the area that you could use?
Don't give up, I'm sure that with persistence you will be able to sort something.
Best wishes,