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When telephone skills go, and family lives far away, so sad


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Mar 15, 2010
California, USA
Just wanted to share another milestone in this dementia journey that my sister and I are about to face. As is often the case this milestone will probably impact us more than Mum (just like the incontinence milestone).
Mum has been in EMI nursing for 5 years now. We, (her only involved family live in California and France respectively) visit 5 times a year and phone regularly. Up until recently Mum sounds just like she always did on the phone, it's just the words don't make sense.
Right now I know she's beginning to lose the phone skill, she gets discombobulated, doesn't know who is on the phone, puts the phone down etc. etc. Anyway the verbal phone contact hasn't gone yet, but for the first time I can see it's on the way.
As we all know its so hard when you lose them small step at a time.
Anyways just wanted to share the moment with my empathic TP'ers. Thanks Sue


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May 18, 2014
Do understand, my mum lost interest in the phone a few weeks ago. If anyone calls I do pass the phone to her, but the conversation is short, doesn't make sense and then after only a few minutes she hands the receiver back to me. We still have skpe though and she is still enjoying it.