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When is the right time for carers to say enough is enough?

White Rose

Registered User
Nov 4, 2018
Sorry for slow response.
If you Google Aupairs.com you can sort out an aupair yourself or if you prefer, there are many agencies that vet the candidates for you. Aupairs for the elderly are becoming more and more recognised as a great help for partner carers.....it has saved my life! Our Spanish aupair is wonderful and my wife loves the pampering like getting her hair done nicely which has always been one of my failings!
Thank you. I did do a bit of a search on it but it might be that we get a live in dementia carer to help with my partner. Still a bit undecided. He's having two weeks in respite at the moment and, though I miss him, it's really good to have some time to myself.

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