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When does a health and welfare POA activate


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Jun 17, 2015
Applying for a POA

Hello all, my Mum is 94 and is currently in hospital, but will most probably be transferred to a care home. She has mobility and incontinence problems but the main concern is dementia. I want to apply for a POA but it doesn't look like she'll be able to get to a solicitor. She can converse with me ok and seems to understand me, but a few seconds later she will have forgotten what we spoke about. Will this prevent me proceeding applying on her behalf? I managed to get her to sign her election postal vote recently with a reasonable signature ( she hasn't missed an election since she was old enough to vote). Lurcher


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Feb 3, 2015
She sounds like my mil. We've had 4 bank cards and 6 pins in 8 months.
I've told our local natwest branch and post office and they are great with her.
She remembered the post office pin so changed Nat west to the same.

I lay all her bills out and write on which one is paid.
I write a note in her diary to say when benefit goes in. She then draws it out and pays bills and any left over is for her.
I sort meals so she doesn't need to worry about shopping.

We have Poa for both but haven't used either yet. Doesn't sound like your mum needs the welfare one yet if she's clean and tidy and eating.
We keep a daily eye out for changes and then make decisions based on what we see.

My planning skills are really improving as result of this disease