when do you stop trying to make them think things are not too bad


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Apr 26, 2006
I know it is here but i cant except it myself
i cant treat my hubby like a child even though he acts like one
every thing he touches goes wrong but to take it all away
love bel x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Bel, Oh how I feel for you. I know exactly what you mean. I try to overlook or cover up the mistakes whenever possible. I`m treading on eggshells trying not to let him realize how bad he is.

But it`s impossible to cover up everything and sometimes he knows he`s got it wrong and sometimes he doesn`t. He knows he has lapses or absences and has no memory of what`s happened. Then he says to me `Did I harm anyone?` He thinks his `Mental Illness` will cause him to be violent and he`s frightened.


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Apr 30, 2006
Hi Bel
It's hard isn't it? I'm in a better position where mum truly believes she washes herself,dresses herself,cooks,cleans and irons.........it has been tough though as bit by bit I've taken these things away from her.....for her own safety..
love xx


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Apr 26, 2006
knew it was the right thing to do

you are all right
and i thank you big time Connie i do the same hold hands and talk to him include him reasure him we have always been very touchy fealy sitting watching tv we hold hands going shopping what ever our children have always said there friends cant beleive how close we are after all these years it is not hard to do we have always done it but i do find Connie it helps reasure my hubby so i can see how it would be a comfort to lional
somthing that cheered me at the end of the day made me think my old bossy boots is still there somewhere i have an ulcer as well as ---wont go there
i forgot to order new script so was feeling un well tonight went up for wash hubby no where to be seen worried then he came in with tablets from chemist down the road it did not matter that they were wrong
it was for 5 mins my bossy boots back again i have a flu teddy years ago he went to chemist for lem sip when i had flue came back with teddy still got it --always to be flue bear feel for you all and sending love
bel xxxx

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