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When Confusion follows a day of confusion


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Oct 14, 2006
After having been left in the house alone from 7am until 6pm on Monday that you can read about in the Poem section that’s called (Left Alone)

Although I had managed to get through the day and hopefully put a brave face on it for the sake of my dear wife so as not to cause her any unnecessary anxiety by Tuesday morning the consequences of Monday started to hit me even harder, from the moment I woke up I could tell it was going to be a bad day as my head was spinning with disorientation and I felt completely Physically and Mentally exhausted.

I was shuffling around the house hardly knowing how to put one foot in front of the other and my dear wife said (lets miss our early morning walk) but I insisted that we should still go out otherwise I was afraid my limbs might just seize up from lack of exercise.

But then as we where returning from our walk my wife suddenly spotted a snake laying in the road which made her jump and bump into the side of my body making me loose my balance which then sent me crashing to my hands and knees on the uneven ground, although it was 5am there was still many people close by in the road waiting to buy there vegetables but not one of them came to offer any assistance as my wife tried to get me back up onto my feet, as we passed them they just asked is Barry OK is he sick!!!!! Which just goes to show what a waste of time it’s been trying to explain to them all about my condition (as they still can’t understand it) fortunately I was OK and even more fortunate that the snake which was a Cobra was already dead, but the episode didn’t help to make the start of my day any easier.

The rest of the day I just seemed to be moping around completely lost and bewildered and could not concentrate my attentions on anything even trying to type at the computer was imposable as all the keys where just a jumble before my agitated hands and fingers, then when it came time to go to a wedding in the afternoon I said to my wife (I’m sorry you must go alone this time) as I was feeling so stressed, you must just try and explain to them again that its just to much for me now and if they cant except that then I’m sorry but my condition cant keep up with your traditions.

I’m sure that for any of us with this illness there has to be a point when we reluctantly say ‘I just can’t do that today’ that’s not being defeatist it’s just being realistic to our situation at that moment in time, I don’t know how it affects the rest of you but I do find that sometimes just one bad day can upset the equilibrium of the following 2-3 days which is exactly what’s happened to me now but that makes me fight even harder.;)
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Jun 5, 2009

Hello Barry Its Barry Here BarryW, I spent most of the day reading about your escapade with the cobra but if you follow the link if it works right then let me know what you think of this.. after watching it I could not believe it to be a real Cobra but then I realised that it has probably got no fangs. What happened to you happens to me and I do honestly try not to get myself too upset but in the next breath it seems that what I was worrying about happened days ago. It seems to me that there are days when I could not even tell you what day, month year or time it is and those days I seem to forget because others tell me about them... I dont remember them.
also remeber we are never as others see us if you had a leg or an arm missing everyone would help you but because its your brain everyone seems to be timid about it and they appear happeier if they leave us alone..
Thinki8ng of you out there in that beautiful weather..and surrounded by all of those tropical fruits and flowers.. BarryW

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