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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
Having realised today that we can do lots more with dad if we use a wheelchair, I'm thinking of buying him one. Started searching on the net and couldn't believe the amount of choice and range of prices £78 to nearly £2K! Anyone got any advice about where to buy and how to make a choice? Just want something not too heavy that will fold up in boot of ford fiesta and be used for weekend trips out, and not look too institutional and naff.


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Mar 28, 2005
Dear Airne

I am going through the same with my mum at the moment. I asked different people about buying a wheelchair but was told I should be able to get one through the Doctors, all I needed to do was ask the doctor and give my mum's height and weight, I know my request has been granted and its just a waiting game now,

Over the last few weekends I have borrowed a wheelchair from the surgery and it has been brilliant - we have been out shopping (which I used to dread) and to the beach.

Best Wishes and hope this info. helps you.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Áine,
They can also be hired from the Red Cross fo a small fee - could do this whilst waiting for one through the doctor.


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Feb 24, 2006
I thought your dad was in a home Aine? Can't they provide one for the times when your dad needs to go out? My mum has only had a wheelchair since January when she went in the nursing home and I have always assumed that the wheelchair belongs to the nursing home.

Obviously if you wanted to buy a better one than the home could provide then that's a different matter.


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Feb 24, 2006
My mother was offered so many different wheelchairs on longterm loan but always refused.

(I ordered a walker for her, recommended by the respite place, it arrived the day after she died.)



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Mar 13, 2006
hi Áine

as amy suggested you can get them from the red cross, weve got one for mum and it folds right down and its really easy to use, all they want is a small donation


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Feb 20, 2006
North West England

I'm not sure of the 'rules' when you are already in a 'home', but I think you should still be able to get one from Social Services.

You may have to quote the ....
Better quality of his life.... Essential to his well being etc....
Lay it on a bit 'thick' .......
(Could possibly involve a Social Worker).???

You will probably have to have dad 'measured' by some wheelchair fitting service.
(This is just a waste of Government money ... someone comes in fancy car etc... 'measures' you ...
They measure the width of your bottom !! , the height from yur bottom to the arms of chair / and handles..)

If they only gave you a chair in the first place.... if would save the Government thousands a year !!

There is even someone who calls on you about 2 x year to check that the wheelchair is still 'working' ....
They too arrive in a fancy car .... and 'look' ay your chair ... give it a little push etc...
Madness..... what a waste of money !!

The money that is wasted on a 'wheelchair assessor' and 'health and safety expert is CRAZY....

Good luck,...... and don't take NO for an answer !!



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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
thanks .........

I missed that other thread when I tried to search Nada, thanks for link to it.

Yes, Noelphobic ..... dad is in a nursing home, and they loaned him a chair yesterday. Not bothered about getting any deluxe sort of model, but i'd really like one that didn't have lots of spilled and dried on food all over it :(

Anyway I'm off to Red Cross on Wednesday morning to borrow one. That will buy us a months grace to sort out possible options through surgery and/or social services.

I probably may as well buy one for dad ..... and get something light enough for me to lift into the car. If his money isn't spent on things like that it'll go in nursing home fees anyway :mad:


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Aine, I borrowed a chair from the Red Cross. When I decided to buy one, used their chair to wheel Lionel to local mobility shop, where we tried out several models.

Needed one that was comfortable enought for Lionel, but light enough for me to lift into my car. The guy in the shop was most helpful.


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Dec 4, 2005
isle of man
Aine and all

On the subject of wheelchairs - I too was going to buy one for Mum but was directed by the medical suppliers to yes the Red Cross!! I had the choice of chair and choose one light enough for me to put in the boot. Well the relief it brought to me and Mum was out of this world - we could go anywhere and we did!!! we even went power walking, visited the shops including our favourite the charity shops. Long live the wheelchair - as carers there is no need to be house bound. Get out there and whilst you can - have fun.



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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
hi oonaghw et al

went to Red Cross this morning and picked up a very nice looking wheelchair for dad. on loan until beginning of August. What a fabulous service :)