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what to expect next?


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Aug 7, 2013
Just yesterday the doctor said Mom has some memory loss probably related to Dementia. Finally!! This has been going on for a couple of years now and everytime I tried to discuss it with her doctor she gets mad at me saying I'm trying to put her in a mental institution. I just want to help her not put her away somewhere. Well she had a very bad UTI and I took her to the emergency room for her halucinations. People talking to her, scaring her. These people are trying to harm her, in her mind, there is nobody hurting her. Now it seems she is falling in love with one of her halucinations, to the point of lifting her blouse to show him her breasts. Mom has always been a very prim and proper lady so this is an extreme oppisite behavior. These people live on her roof and under her house, in her mind. Nobody is doing anything to her whatsoever, it's all in her mind. I try explaining to her that she is halucinating but it's like talking to a brick wall, she believes in her halucinations. I don't mind her believing in the nicer ones but how can i make the bad ones go away? I want to help her to not be afraid. it's so hard to see her so scared. Is there anything anybody else has tried that might help? I've tried redirection but the halucinations are more powerful than my redirection. I took her for a ride, hoping that might help but within minutes the halucination is in the vehicle with us and off she goes into that world. She tells me to be quiet so she can talk to the halucination. She's also told me to go home so she can spend time with the man in her halucination. When he talks her into showing her breast she becomes scared and embarrassed and comes to my house for protection from him. (I bought her a mobile home and parked it in my back yard) Sometimes she laughs with him and thows him kisses but most of the time she is scared of him. This goes on all day long from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed at night. for several days now she has been trying to call him on the phone, some phone number he gives her, it's not enough numbers to be a real phone number, but she dials it and the operator comes on the line to tell her she has a wrong number or she needs the area code. So far, fortunately, she has not made any connections!! She use to love to talk on the phone, now she has no friends or family to call her. I am the only person she has in this old world, my 3 brothers have nothing to do with her at all. So I don't have any body to help me.


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Sep 15, 2012
Nuneaton, warwickshire
Hi Saj and welcome to talking point, I'm sorry things are so bad at the moment for you.

You say your mum has a diagnosis, what have the doctors said? Does she have any medications yet?

Not really sure what I can say to help really, with my mum we always had to go along with what she was saying. Her neighbours cat killed her dog, the lady in the corner has been saying things, him out there, he's horrid he is, all those sorts of things. We are on a sloght different position as mum is now on a NH so she can have her medication tweaked as and when necessary and also the whole onus of looking after her no longer falls on dad and I, we just couldn't cope any longer.

Hopefully with the right medication mum may settle down a bit.

Others will be along with more advise soon,

Take care


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello Saj
Welcome to TP

Am sorry to hear about your Mum
I think it would be best for you to talk to Mums Doctor about the Hallucinations. If your mum has to be there with you when you speak to the Doctor, it may be best to write down everything that is happening, as its so hard to speak openly in front of the person, and it can cause upsets.
Their are medications that may help with the Hallucinations