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What to do


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Dec 6, 2011
Hubby has had Alzheimeres for 11 years.Hes going downhill, attends amazing day care three days and pay for extra hours.I have health issues
and waiting for op(third time) as they saw heart problem.First two ops children took time off work and travelled a long way.
With a heart condition plus others am I entitled to some help? Lump removed and skin graph
all in one day.If I was on my own would still help?
I’m sure someone could give me advice


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Feb 9, 2017
Hi @sunlover, depending on where the lump is you may be pretty immobile for quite a while. The recovery from this can take many weeks and you probably need to be thinking about respite care for your husband during your recovery as your children could struggle taking that amount of time off work. Some hospitals do "hospital at home" or similar schemes where they offer extra help and support at home for a set amount of weeks. It may be with talking to your local Admiral Nurse or Social Worker if you have one.

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